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Are we Tamils meant to loose all our lands and become landless and nation-less folk of the world and added to the list of many people that have lost everything. Within the last 48 hours since 27/12/2012 Gotabhaya Rajapaksa  and his band of monsters have taken away from innocent Tamil folk another village and it soon will be Sinhaliesed  into another Manal’Aaru, or given another name like Weli’Oya and have settlers from the south or it will be a source of torture and a symbol of despair for the Tamil’s of that region like Mangkulam military base was.

This village that’s in the Mannaar that’s called Mu’l’lik-ku’lam (mul-lik-kulam) is the latest to be forcibly taken by the state of Sri Lanka for no reason than to harm the Tamils. There is no enemy to the Sri Lanka government anymore in that region or anywhere in the world for that matter and the only enemy that was there the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) is long dead and wiped out and the once powerful organization has been neutralized and the members either incarcerated or long dead and or have fled for safety. And i see no reason for emptying an entire village and turning it into a Naval base unless they have an ulterior motive and that has always been to harm and cause a hindrance and pose safety issues to the nearby Tamil population and to the the Indian Fishermen in the Palk Strait. The inhabitants of Mu’l’lik-ku’lam 1st became displaced due to the fighting between the LTTE and the SLA in 1990 and were displaced till 2002 when the peace agreement was signed between Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the LTTE brokered by Norway. The people were able to live there for just five years and when the last war broke out in 2007 they were told to move out immediately by the Sri Lankan Military without anything and they also made a false promise to the civilians that they would be home in just three days. And on the 7th September 2007 with nothing but the clothes on their back and they have been living in and around Mannaar for over five years now. In total there were over 400 families when they were evicted and most of the them have been living in nearby villages and Mannaar town for the time being they have been supported by the Bishop and the priests of Mannaar and other officials such as district secretary, divisional secretary. However the villagers have been temporarily staying in Peasaalai, Thaazhvup-paddu, Keeri and in Thalaimannaar and have been subjected to various harassment’s by the SL military throughout the last five years. They then after going through all sorts of demonstration’s and meeting like protest marches, boycotts, petitions, meeting religious leaders and even going to the south of the country to meet the Sinhalese people’s leaders and to no avail the have been lowered their demand and have even asked for half of the village back but that too has fallen of deaf ears. Finally they have even approached the President but he too has turned them down.

They  have lost their livelihoods and they way of life, they have lost their property and premises and are surviving on bare minimum. They were self sufficient and had businesses and work and had a good community and now they are landless and this would only feed the hatred and anger within the youth of that village and lead to future conflicts if it is not resolved peacefully  and if they are not given a suitable compensation within a reasonable time frame then the GoSL would again be creating more rifts within the communities. However i doubt that they would get anything after all the Manal Aaru ( Renamed – Weli Oya ) people that were chased away got absolutely nothing in fact they were lucky to escape with their lives they were harassed and falsely imprisoned and most left the country for Europe and the north America and Australia.

If this were to have happen to the Tamils when the LTTE was around then there would have been some sort of reaction from them now that they have been eliminated from the scene the terrorist GoSL can move with it’s plan to take all of the lands of the Tamil’s and kill them and say to the world, if it gives a dam, that we never existed on the island and that the only inhabitants are Sinhalese Buddhists and that they have been there for over two thousand and five-hundred years, when they were actually bought and migrated from India not too longer than 2000 years.

This loosing of lands and will continue until there is a strong voice for the the people of the North and the East and that voice must shake the evil twisted mindset of the Sinhalese nationalists that they stop dead in their tracks to kill us and back off and that voice was VP(Vellupillai Pirabhakaran) unfortunately he’s dead now or so some believe.

VP was not a person but an ideology it do-sent matter weather he the original person is dead what matters is that his teachings and beliefs lie in all Tamils and that they are followed to the letter.

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