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Parabhraman is the combination of all of the beings in all of creation and all of the universes and even outside of the universe. It is a combination of Man and woman and all of the other sexes as well as animals, birds, fish, insects, Demi-gods and semi-gods and of course Demons and angels and other creatures big or small and others whom we have not come to know as of yet.

He is the being or collection of beings that share one soul(the atman) or super soul(simplified). You reach this stage in the never-ending cosmos’s cycle when your illusions that form the whole world and the universe is destroyed as well as your body and mind. So to say, when your ego and your self is annihilated either by Lord shiva or Lord Vishnu or any of his avatars or perhaps if Lord Brahma aids in the unravelling of the ultimate truth.

He, well the moment anyway, is led by Krishna who was born from the one Vishnu outside the Universes and when there is a need for Intervention such as times like these which will come to a horrific end to all life in the next 21 years.

Why 21 years, well Bramha has chosen to dominate the other two and with the help of disgruntled Partners of the other two, such as Shakthi and Luxmi and others like Ganga and their families and their agents and other beings they have tried but failed, for the last 700 million( a duration which has been lived by one form of Brahma by reversing and sending himself back and reliving it again and again, however, he ultimately failed in his quest). He failed in his quest to dominate the other two is because he always killed the baby form of Krishna by a horrific means when he was just child. Where were Krishna guards you ask, well he used a son of Krishna who was able to go back in time, the son helped because he was not accepted because the mother of that child was of rather, how do put it, she was an immoral woman, but apparently having sex with her was ok.

The child was born when Krishna was around 23or so and he was sent back in time when he was 16 and made to carry the baby to a faraway land by another traitor or rather a manipulator of people Shakthi whom at the time was helping Brahma because apparently, Shiva left her for long times to meditate, well she married him very well know him to be like this.

Brahma and Krishna were the children of one extended family but Krishna always outshined Brahma and he hated it and loathed Krishna so much that he used everything Krishna created against him like for example a time machine as well as mind control devices and many other things. One day he decided to kill him and he carried out his plan with the help of Shakthi whom at this time was abandoned by shiva because of her family because she had come from a family that had been against this family’s actions. Krishna’s family were the ruling and they were seen as property and they had schemed to get revenge, rightfully as well they were just like use and throw items to them.

700 million the Original Brahma came and killed and relived Krishna’s life by small modifications and a large number of genocides of people, why because all the sins he accumulated through them was dumped into Krishna’s head and this was done by Ganga she was Brahmas Wife all those times she was the one that finally said don’t kill him but let manipulate him to our advantage. And he agreed and he summoned a Pot shit which she used in his abode in his world because all things had a soul and karma and this Pot of Shit had good karma written into him by Brahma although this being was an absolute piece of an asshole to the core of his mind and never gave but took in abundance from the people whom Brahma deemed rather unfavourable to him.

Why wasn’t Brahmas Plan working, well because Krishna had one advantage he had made a deal with Brahma for exchange of something this was also done with Shiva so that deal betrayed by Brahma and that meant he was unable to create any further beings into this or another world so when the world turns 2040 or even a bit later there would be not one soul be it human or animal will not be born.

If Krishnas is not allowed to live his full life at and if the clock is not turned back and he is allowed to leave in peace then the cycle of birth will continue, if not then it’s only going to go one way and that’s out to the underworld, Oh just because of Brahma is the Creator and is seen as the father of all beings after Shiva and Vishu doesn’t mean he can’t be killed in his mortal form and he must die or be killed for all the sorrows the human race has suffered throughout this last couple of hundred years.

Oh, and why is Shakthi helping Brahma well because she is corrupted to the core just like Brahma and the thought of ruling the whole of the cosmos along with him is rather tempting even for her.

Shakti’s mortal form, both of them, when Brahma used her once to succeed and then got rid of her she used what was left of Shiva after the torture lasting 50 years and humiliation that they inflicted and the mental and physical trauma they inflicted on him, and by that time he was weak and also his mind was trying to find a firm footing after being held captive by the parasite for such a long time. He didn’t help her when she offered to give back the life which she and her husband Brahma robbed with the help of both the families, they worked together to take down and subdue the great sage who was made to come down and help his children. She was powerful at that time or rather had the element of surprise and she took over his mind sent herself back in time to try and get back into Brahma’s good books and get into the seat of power but what I’ve known form history is it’ll always repeat itself and she will always be a just a whole between the legs for Brahma to stick his shit in and nothing more.

TO make things worse there are Two Brahmas, Two Shaktism Two Luxmis and many forms of the Pot of shit and just one Krishna and one Shiva, however, this time Krishna has been manipulated to destroy Shiva, but this will cost him time in hell, why because Shiva was only here to help Krishna and making him the Goat for slaughter when you called him your self is wrong not just in the Puranas but also in everyday life you cant say help me and then put that person who came to help in hell if you do then I’m sure karma will give him everything you own and a chance to butcher you all.

So in short, Krishna was born and he got sent away by the son he betrayed and then Shiva came to aid him and he got confused and thought he is trying to steal everything from me were as he was only here to aid his children from certain doom and annihilation and being dispersed throughout the world and Brahma got jealous of all the shit both of them were getting and robbed them both and now they are both fighting for survival against each other but they don’t know that they are both the same, One is Parabhaman and the other is ParamaShiva two heads that had seen and realised the ultimate truth.

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