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Led astray…next life

Led astray next lifetime.

The way I see it Krishna is also Fucking with Shiva and trying to rob him of stature among the Thirumoorthi, something he can only do with the authority of others like ParamaShiva and others who have ascended to the higher plane of existence.

He wants to give it to the Pot of Shit, he is being manipulated to do so, and this will not work out in the long run well because the Pot of Shit just not Shiva or even close to him why because he the Great yogi and great god of mercy and destruction and he can do anything the other gods can do and except Vishnu who van probably copy these actions in his avatars, but Brahma can only create and  nothing more and that’s his purpose he possesses not enough quality’s to Lead the Thirumoorthi’s.

The reasons the Pot of shit doesn’t deserve the Power.

  1. He only thinks about himself.

  2. He is addicted to sex, sex and more sex, and if he sees you as someone with a hole he’ll fuck you like a voodoo dick(you must’ve herd that joke).

  3. He’s only being used for Brahma to get power.

  4. He dosent think independantly.

  5. He is used to destroys peoples life not egos.

  6. He is self centred.

  7. He lives for his own purpose does othing for the benefit of the people.

The reasons the Original shiva should be set free and is not pushed around and also he not robbed of his power.

  1. He thinks for others benefit

  2. He lives for others even if means his life will be over.

  3. He is the Great sage and the founding father of yoga.

  4. He loves without restraint, theres no lust.

  5. He considers the benefit of all beings even a small bug.

  6. He is independant of the others and thinks independantlty.

  7. He is the original God of destruction and ego of men and god.

  8. And finaly hes no push over. you’ll get just as good as you give if not more with him

The next life is where the being held in captivitie over the last 700million years will be freed if not it all goes kaboom and the world ends ansd if you dont like it well tough. When free he’ll expose all then elamnite being and what they are to the outside world and even if you dont like it, sorry and not sorry, deffinetley not sorry.

The old Brahma who started this all will have his head roipped from his shoulders by none other than the one he imprisoned. The younger one which put the Pot of Shit in the mind will be made to pay up in full, unfortuneltey he will not be killed by the captive but he will be sent to hell, well this is a new era and everyone goes there. And Krishna who betreyed Shiva bareley excapes to the heavens. And shakthi, older one getts run down by someone Krishna arranged to for, the other like ganga and others are either killed or murderd and make their way back to the heavens in one form or another.

There will be peace for the next Then thousand or so years, and all the gods from all over the world will guarantee this by makeing another deal, this time if another nation aggresses against another nation then their land mass will sink to the bottom of the sea or be damaged by the nature and this will be reversed after the 10000 years.

Oh the important thing i nearley missed, there will be, within short period of time, great invetions from the beings who are fighting for survival and they are as follows.

  1. Injection to that prevent ageing by the manipulations of the brain by a means of a serum where a program is injected to the human or animal if you wish and that serum will make the brain reproduce the dead cells continually for aslong the perosn wants to live. This will make you immortal but if not completley,you will not be impervious to bullets you just live longer in you the form you originally took the injection. So if a child takes it she/he remain a child until they are killed or chooses to end their life. Ideally take between 20-36 so you are at your best.

  2. The other injection will stop disesases in their tracks and make all known and unkown viruses be eradicatable this includes HIV+and other such deadley viruses.

  3. There will be a new body that oversee the whole world like the UN. The UN is toothless and powerless organization that cant even pass anything without being veto’d by anyone from the security council and if you have nothing to give to the USA then you’re screwed and this is not good for the whole human race.

  4. Finally there will be discovery of alien race that is capable of shape shifting and they will be found by a new nation in the Sub continet and their space organization.

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