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Life-Nightmare(part 2 of dreams)

My life as the way I see it or don’t see it.

I have no life and no love and won’t be doing this ever again.

I will not be falling in love with any cunt from the Janzah family or any Elamnite for that matter. EVER.

I have seen my demise, I die by my choosing, not killed by your kind, no I won’t give any of you twats that pleasure not even the inbred, you’ve taken everything that ever sprouted in my mind every idea every talent and every dream and I promise you this one thing.


Don’t come near me. Please. Your kind make my stomach turn.

Back to reality

I would rather wake up to a nightmare like reality eventually where everyone has been consumed by their lust and greed and the other sins and they’ve killed themselves.

I have been knocked unconscious at the age of 6 or earlier and by the parasite which now ruins my life and is (right now along with his bitch, is really pissing me off).

He used a large stump that was used to attach barbed wires to the sports ground so that children do play in the water when the monsoon rain came.

I have, as told by that moron, have not been able to think any free thoughts no more than two or three times in the last 27 years of captivity.

This reason is enough for me as an excuse to finish him off, however, he is quite skillful and has many people whom he has provided his services as a pimp and he himself sucked them off and also he has diverted anything that is good or bad to them for example to Janzah he gave all that made me, well, me this includes my penis and my body it’s now a clone of that bitch/whore and as well as talents and not only that they are using me as a lab rat(actually no lab rats have some rights, I don’t anyone can take a pot shot at me…yes even you).

This is the reason why I will not love anymore because of the many many times I have been hurt by them.

There were a few women that cared for and loved me as who I am and hopefully one day I’ll be seeing them again.

#maiden #Ghost #Dreams #woman #Nightmare #poltergeist #crazybitch #Horrormovie #Elamnites

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