Mental Block

I have no idea what I should write about so I’m going to type random shit. Here it is below.

I woke up today and my alarm on the phone said 5 am and I thought it was Saturday but a minute later I realized that it doesn’t ring on a Saturday and only on a Sunday that it says 5 am.

I nearly fell back to sleep but I’ve gotten used to waking up really early every day for the last 15 years and this was no different.

I dragged myself to the bathroom and before I went inside I looked for my sister to check if she was awake and she was watching an oriental program in the living room on Netflix and I asked her if she had work and she said she did and I asked her if she can drop me off at work and she said yes and that saved me 8-9 pounds of taxi fare which I couldn’t afford.

I went into the bathroom and did what I do every day, that reminds me I need curtains for my room, people can see me naked.

We left the apartment and she went ahead to scrape the car windshield and i waited inside for her to finish and also I didn’t want to stay out in the cold weather.

I got dropped off right on time, seriously right on time exactly at 6 am and I was able to relive my night shift colleague for him to go and sleep cause he ain’t going dancing at 6 am in the morning on a Sunday, but you never know what people get up to these days.

I had an easy day, I mean the delivery was simple as it had no frozen food to put away or any chilled to put out within a certain time and it was quite for me to have three toilet breaks and since I’m usually preoccupied each and every day and there were no customers between each break and unless you count that guy who came and waited outside for a newspaper(right-wing piece of shit of a paper) and he was quite understanding about my situation.

The day went peacefully and we had a Fuel delivery and the Driver was very nice and co-operative and took time and concern with my needs as there was some issue to be addressed and I gave him a chocolate bar and a cup of coffee, courtesy of the site operator either that or her leaves and they get a fine of 500 it’s simple math really if you think about it I saved them 495 on fines and a further penalizing by the site owners for failing from their side.

I was glad to be released at 14pm and I went to the other side and spent 1 hour there talking and catching up with the old boss who made me work for free.

I was dropped off at the town center to catch the bus back home, you might be wondering why I did not catch the bus in the morning well there are no buses on a Sunday morning in my city well not a 5 am anyway and the earliest I can catch one is at 9 am and that’s 4 hours too late for my shit.

I hung out the Town for a while and since it was Pokemon Go community day today, meaning that there is an increased chance of catching a particular type Pokemon as a shiny and since I don’t read the news properly and I’m also a dyslexic I thought it started at 15 pm and ended later so I spent a good 50 minutes waiting for anything shiny and when I did re-read the news much slowly and processed it properly I kinda thought what a dipstick I was.

Anyway, long story short I could have been home earlier If it weren’t for my poor reading abilities.

Now I’m drinking Burbon and watching Indian movie songs that make you have all the feels…

Live and Let Live.

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