Milton Keynes Gaming Market 08/02/2020

Usually, I receive notices for payments to be made and invoices for my ever-increasing expenses, but to have received the package from the organizers AND two free tickets I was in shock and not the bad kind either but the good kind and it was very nice as I don’t usually get good surprises of any kind.

So I waited for the day eagerly and with anticipation and I had that Saturday morning off from my other job Which I usually have but people like to mess with me and call me in when someone calls in sick, this was not the case this time.

I woke up quite late as the ticket only allowed me a mid-day pass for free so I had to go in at 12 pm.

To tell the truth, I had not one clue what to expect or what kind of event and what kind of crowd it might draw out from MK.

I was in for a delightful treat as there was a massive turn out and there were lines from the door stretching all the to the back and to the front again in a snake-like twist.

I walked to the back of the line and I was fairly in towards the entrance and I went in quite quickly when the door opened, it was already open early for those willing to pay extra for early bird fee’s.

The guy at the door scanned my ticket and let me in with the lady behind him giving me a stamp on my wrist and then once I entered it was another lady checking the stamp before letting me enter the leisure centre main auditorium as that’s where the whole thing was taking place.

I went inside and It was PACKED to the BRIM and there were gamer folks everywhere, If I had a better brain then I would have taken at least £100 to spend as there were lots of fantastic goodies to be had from a variety of stalls and merchants and a few even took cards but the ones I wanted was taking cold hard cash.

So I mingled and looked around and took a few snaps and I’ll share those below so that you may better prepare yourself for next time the event takes place.

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