Money matters….

Money matters and therefore I need to have money and every time I get an opportunity I am diverted and discouraged by people close to me and People hiding away from sight.

In 2008 I chose to screw myself over for a stupid(actually a very sly girl) ass girl and that shit went on for a year or so and I since thought that I have left that in the past.

I was wrong and I was lured into a trap anyway that’s another story. Read the mental and Imagination pages for more.

Back to money matters, when I started my 1st job I saw a flyer for Royal Dutch Shell company and all I needed was £10000 to run and operate a site at the time and that was in and around 15 years ago, however, my father discouraged that idea, I had possibility to get the money as a business loan I did get a personal loan of 7500 and the rest I could have borrowed from my mother, but he was against it, fool he was and still is.

He was also against me shaving my beard off when I reached 16 years of age and he put a knife to my hand and threatened to cut my arm, and then I used to write diaries and he read one of them the most intimate thoughts of a 16-year-old about all the fantasies and loves and hopes dreams and he read them out publicly and I swore then I would never write any more diaries and I have just started one 17 years later and the one he did read out loud to my family I threw in the bin after tearing it apart and he asked where it was I told him I threw it away.

To this day he is still the scumbag he was when he was a young adult, Alcoholic and abusive to us and no one else outside(I think he loathes and despises us).

The next Idea I had was selling on eBay the stuff I would buy from Alibaba but mother shot that one down.

I was young and was looking for approval from all those close to me. Never got it and I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll never have it.

The next Idea was blogging and that went ok but I had to join the Rat race and so I couldn’t concentrate on it.

The next Idea was in 2012 was to start a Shopify store and that I didn’t have any single Idea what to sell or how to market it.

The next one I thought I would do forex and that didn’t go as I planned and I made 5000 in one day but since I’m greedy, I thought I could make more so I kept it and lost all I put in it.

There were several Ideas to go back to my country of origin and work there because I was miserable but I was discouraged again by saying who’d look after you so I put that plan on hold and decided to work more and try and save but that didn’t work, I’m still miserable but I’m in my own apartment and I’m miserable without any input or distraction from others.

Now I have a Shopify store but it’s just a drain on my money and I have not made a single penny back, but I know I can become better at it, however, my advertising budget is constrained because I have too many outgoings and not to mention that I’m about to lose one of my Incomes.

This is to remind anyone or everyone that’s reading is that if you have an Idea go through with it NO MATTER WHAT, don’t ask for approval from anyone, the only person you need approval from is you and maybe your investor. Just Go For It.

Live and Let Live, it’ll be a blessing.

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