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My mind

My Mind is rather a blank slate.

It’s white space there is absolutely nothing that can predetermine what I am or who I will be.

I have seen it. There is nothing inside except a small, rather a circular mound of grass that I can imagine someone sitting on it.

It’s was me for a while, then my life changed when I was about a young boy there was an intrusion into my mind.

The being that now sitting on the small hill in my own mind and directing almost all of my thought’s and actions, the being is foreign to me because it invaded my mind when I was unconscious.

It managed to absorb and still keep separate my original mind. Had it absorbed my thoughts and actions then it would be at the end of a horrific murder every day and that’s an understatement.

The foreign entity is an absolute asshole and shows nothing but absolute contempt towards me and the community that I originate from.

It’s evil actions in the last 27 years of it occupying my throne in my mind it has diverted me from my purpose and made me a sick person that I am today.

I get enraged quite quickly and hate people that I perceive to be a threat to my family and their wellbeing and by family, I mean everyone from the community that I’m from.

The parasite has control of most of my bodily functions however I can still hold some of my original ideas, but that may just be an illusion that was created to keep from destroying me and the parasite along with me.

The main purpose of the parasite is to keep me from attaining anything in life and just to keep me in poverty in the duration that I’m alive or better put till the time when they choose to behead me, like a Goat for slaughter.

I have the ability to see what that will be and what that is hidden in plain sight, for example: if you have mystical power you will give off a radiant glow that can only be seen by others with the same quality.

When I was small and still intact I was able to see different people that I had never met and they would seem nice and smiling but then again “beware the python that lurks beneath the lotus flower”.

So I don’t trust anyone that is in my life at the moment especially my wife who is now separated from me, her choice.

This lack of trust is backed by the lack of control in my life and the lack of sight of people that are there.

I believe that the parasite is hiding people in plain sight and leading me to believe that I am home when I’m not and also he has humiliated me continuously ever since he got ahold of my eyes with the help of the crows sister, when she took my eyes she put something else that s/he can control to make me see what he wants to and that is giving him an edge over me.

The edge over is something they have already had, why you ask it’s because they have a means of seeing a person(s) future and then they change the direction of that person’s future to serve their best interest’s.

How do I know this, because I saw the device they were using by means of farsight. The ability which I no longer have the power to use because they have found a way to suppress it altogether.

I also had the ability to see my future but that has now disappeared somewhere I think they have harvested it, just imagine everything that you are and was and will be have been robbed and the only option you have is to somehow persuade the people that are holding you captive for the remainder of the Universe’s life so that their rapist’s of a family can have upper hand at ruling the worlds Elamites and through them rule the world.

So it’s like talking a being that’s hiding in your mind and they are there to torture you and it’s one of their pleasure along with manipulating the community that is around them for their own benefit and you’re telling them that they have to stop and die for the benefit of the many.

It’s hopeless, I can only be saved by death if only it would come sooner.

My beloved Grim reaper I miss you. Save my soul from eternal condemnation to be tortured.

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