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My Stolen Years

The best years are the ones when you are young and fit and healthy and in your youth, and thus far my youth have been plagued by lies deceit and mental health and sexual health and the lack of Love.

So when I was around 16 I truly fell in love and with one person and that person seemed to return it in some way. Her Mother knew and she was well aware of it and maybe her clan as well.

If they did not, by the time I was 21 Everyone in Town knew it. Because I had professed my love on the Internet as she was laying hide and seek with my heart. And frankly I was going through such pain it was incredible I didn't die, but I did try to end it more than a few times, all were failures.

So I wasted my teens and early adulthood on that horrible whore thinking that she would come and see or talk but it was never meant to be. So eventually I left my job went on a few holidays and and few years later I was Diagnosed with Mental Illness and for trying to commit suicide for some random reason, it's still unclear as to why I even tried that but hey ho we do crazy shit.

So My sister married someone and I went to some other country and I saw someone else, I liked this one she seemed to give off the same signal as the 1st one so I took a risk and married her. I was 27 and she was 21 and a nurse.

So I, haven't had sex all of my life and being in a western nation that was seemingly bad. So My sister married when I was 23 and for three years I forgot about this girl. And out of the blue her sister, eldest one, calls me and says do you remember this girl you saw at the hospital in so and so and then before you know it I was on the plane to wed this woman.

So Let me put this into a picture I do not like in a sexual manner or in any kind of way fantasise about women who are more than three years of age younger than me, anyone bellow three years I will not even give a second glance.

Somehow my mother persuades me to say yes to wedding to some girl who I only saw once and Never have I ever said a single word to her before the wedding day.

It wasn't just my mother but almost all of the main women in the family, and also I was extremely horny and frankly I would go with anyone by that time.

The funny thing is that once I went shopping for clothes and found that I was being followed by none other than my 1st love and she followed me in the store for about 15 minutes and seem to want to stop this but …no.

The thing is that if I decide on something to do then I'll do it regardless of the outcome so I ignored her and got out of the shop while my sister and my mother shopped and I went back to see what she wanted and by that time she had left.

So I was with my wife for just 2 years and 3 months and then she stopped contacting me and by that time she had been doing some small short film roles and and some advertising roles and so she stopped answering my calls and WhatsApp messages and and after 6 years and going on the 7 year after that wedding day I have not seen her.

4 years was spent chasing her to agree to divorce me and although she wanted she messaged about and dragged her feet for 4 years.

I gave her almost 20% of my earnings and if I had seen someone else or many people I would be a free man and I would still be single and not a half a divorcee. Half, why? well because although that divorce has been granted I have yet to see it on paper.

So My youth has been ruined by three women:

1) My 1st love

2) My 1st wife( and only wife)

3) A Whore that's being messing with my life since beginning

So that's my Youth down the drain. I hope you reading this don't fall for some girl that sends smiles and kisses and nothing more.

I'm now 34 and single and I looking for peace and other things.

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