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Omen #2

Omen #2

This Omen is actually the chamber pot or any of the girls from the ruling family and their bitches.

If I see any one of them then it won’t be a pleasant day/night or even a week, sure I’ll eventually adjust to get them out of my thought process and eventually stop thinking about them and how it could have been like most of these are beautiful and enticing to the EYE and that’s all they are a treat for the eye and not the heart, maybe the penis.

They all have the personality of animals(they are animals, mostly cats and the odd jaguar and lioness and a crow among other animals and birds) all they crave is a mate and since he has shown himself as to be the dominant male or rather in my language a fantastic manipulator and pimp, he’s got it all and he’s also a fantastic computer scientist(stolen from me on another timeline).

So the Omen.

Whenever I see a pretty girl and think that “what if” thought then that girl will have a boyfriend within a month at the most but mostly they just come into rub it in.

So I don’t Love anymore I just dismiss all those women that look great or above average as not worth the heartache and I just remind myself that there is no point only horrible heartache and pain will be the gift that whichever girl that I like bestows upon me.

I may be killed each day but I only need to finish you off once and you won’t get back up ever again Pot and Prince this goes to bitches as well.

You must be wondering how, well because I have a clean slate whereas you have been committing all the crimes and not on the books for over billions of years and reversing time when something goes wrong and as always I have managed to keep a clean slate.

Good luck with your new master in the future just like you’ve robbed me he’ll get the upper hand and he’ll rob from you(once a moron always a moron)

And as always it’s never too late.

And the closing lines.

Live and Let Live.

Also, I think you know my language You’ll love the lyrics and it’s meanings if you do remember the language, of course, you do you been around long enough.


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