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Out of All The People in The World a Pot of Crap.

I have recently noticed, well today during work that i was i a pot of shit and not in “The Bitch” but it was strange being in the all the signs were there like for example my skin was crawling and i felt like my face was being beaten up all the time although the bitch was quite harsh this bucket or pot of shit if you’d prefer was rather ass-holly like and was constantly hurting me in more ways than one. One way was my skin was crawling and i could not concentrate on my work and that all i could and had to do was keep scratching myself and hope that i t went away but it don’t it’s still here to the day and i have some cream from the doctors but it just does not seem to work well at or work at all. Second was constantly getting at my toes and my forehead and also the jaw and the back of head, it was not pleasant i could not stand in the same place for more than half a second and i have a commitment to my work and i have to stand there for eight hours and i would rather it be gone. Third rubbing it, not salt but something far worse, his face and her image, i don’t like seeing anyone from your family however i have been looking for you so i may get this crap behind me and i thought I’d seek you out, seeing him and seeing her is like looking at Medusa directly in the face and then trying to smile, you cant you’ll be stone, let me give you an example. i was walking to work once and i had the pot of shit hit me around the back of my head and latter he and his bud came by the shop where i was working and frankly i was not pleased at all and i don’t want to see him or hear him again in such situations. Even now I’m getting hit around the face and for what i don’t understand.

I have made it very clear on some occasions that i want nothing to do with you, Mr Modhavadia, in my mind i get your name as Harvan(WTF kinda name is that and is that even real or some made up poo). So if you cannot end this then let me be your adviser, because you cannot and will not respond to me I’ll will give you advice and i will believe that you have taken it, it’ll make me feel better in this situation of great depression and great betrayal and great bleeding me dry. Okay here we go.

The pot of shit has a brain unlike me whom has no capability to think or to act on my own, today was your son’s part talking that can talk and act like me, to do anything about it and also i just don’t care for anything wright now except the fact you are a moron and are following your son instead of justice like i would have raised my own anyway that’s all behind me and it’s definitely behind you. So either put a chip into his head like me or what ever the thing is you have inside on my throat that’s killing to get out and is suffocating me, or alternatively have him nutterd or have his powers taken away. Bellow are reasons provided for each of the recommendations.

Chip easier to control because you’re son is a control freak and an asshole, and this one will have the power of the divine-serpent and also i doubt he’ll listen once he gets all of it, well why should he, he can have anything the cosmos.

Nutterd because your son seems to have a problem with the Divine-serpent having children for some reason, and he doesn’t seem to want any either , weird it’s like a person who wont eat and wont let others eat just because he’s starving, such a toss-pot.

Powers taken away easier to control and also easier to manage like cattle like me an my family and you can use that as an example, if you cant find a woman to do because he is what he is do it your self after all you are a hermaphrodite and able to screw people you did it to me, i think that was the 1st time i remember.

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