Perpetual darkness…

That title should say it all, but if you still need to be explained…

My life currently and in the future is that…

I don’t have much options as of life and fruits of life to enjoy.

It wasn’t great, the condition I was born under, forced into this world to someone who later threw me away in a river.

I ate filth, no I was fed filth and all by the man responsible for my being here.

I won’t have what you all take for granted and nine of you, except a handful of beings, dont know what the freedom and feel of having and being in your own body and to have no voice in your mind telling you to “shut the fuck up”.

That option and many others you all take for granted, all unknowingly, is denied to me no robbed from me with the promise of learning and freedom and family.

I won’t have what most beings will have, a chance to live free. As I’m a prisoner of conscience and equal rights persin.

Perpetual darkness is what I’ll be living for the rest of eternity and there are people who can but will NEVER help, but will definitely take everything that i give them.

I’m like mother nature you may take all that i have but at the end You will be mine All of you.

If not mine where will you go, you can’t exactly leave the planet yet, well at least from what I’m aware of. I will collect everything that is mine eventually, but I just don’t know when.

Everything is bleak from what I see. And they’ll know before I ever even live it…By hundreds of years.

I must blow up that TV that shows the future and kill the parasite thats in my head.

I have been used but I still have a fading voice I will not be sent away so soon, I won’t listen to any if your biased voices of mass murderers and rapists.

Furthermore is anyone reading this, if so please leave a comment.

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