Why are you still holding me hostage?

This is pitiful as you will have to hold me for the remainder of time like this.

I have seen my future filled with torture and remorseless murders and nothing but pain.

All for just one person.

Why is this hasn’t worked out for the last 700 million years: I worked it out to be a 700000000/55 a total times of time reversals of 12727272.7 so if that many times one person and his spouses have lived(total times before each time reversal is 55 if they waited till the end of births) and experimented and still nothing then it’s NOT MEANT TO BE, get the FUCKING POINT through. Seriously.

I know your brains are quite active especially if you are capable of travelling back in time and are capable of manipulating light to show something else when it’s something totally different.

I don’t know if the King reads this or not but seriously if you are holding me because of the “beef with My father or mother” then you’ve got the wrong person, either way, I’d prefer it to finish it with me and not with my orphaned and dead brother.

I don’t know the majority of the problems that have happened before I was born, heck I don’t even know if I’m dead or alive or if I am sentient or a robot or even if I am with my family. I don’t know what’s going on 99.99999999% of times and the rare ones are where you all give cryptic but obvious messages to rub it in.

When, either I left this country or sent away by someone else doesn’t matter, I have left and I don’t want you to use me as your pawn in your chessboard where every piece can move however many squares and whatever many directions and they then make me move, that does not seem too fair does it.

If you want an easy win fight with a brain dead person, wait you are fighting with a brain dead person. Or am I.

I have always wondered why your kind use women as bait to fool young ones, but I seriously question your character since your entire family does this I wonder if the Lord ‘s of all of the Hell’s has lost their throne and all of you that were meant to be there are here, wouldn’t be surprised.

You are currently wasting resources and manpower and womanpower hours just keeping me busy and you are keeping me busy. I have been put to work since I was 17 and I am now approaching 33 and that’s 16 years and I have nothing to show for it, If I had none of you fuckers in my life what so ever I would seriously have had some good qualifications and an exceptional empire of wealth, I know I can do this and I have the thought process for it, I will have an empire and I Will Kill, permanently yes permanently your Maj sot even your tech will be able to bring them back, all those that have lead me to my never-ending misery and all I need you to do is slip up or me to say to one person a sentence of 5 to 6 words.

Not all those who are bellow the feet stay there and not all gods stay there as well, it’s a Fucking circle none is exempt. NONE.

#circleoflife #Braindead #Brahma #Dharma #Elamnite #Elamnites #Pitiful

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