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I have a few parasite’s and to name one, Mr Green.

He has been torturing my mind in more ways than one.

He has raped myself and aboused(no one really cares but i write for self presevation) me many times and this has been happening since 5 or so and if wont stop, his bad karma.

Anyway I do want this to be noted; I do not want to be like one of you e.g. a vile creature and an abuser of innocents and the naeive people or animals.

Furthermore I DO NOT WANT TO EVER tell someone off that they are some kind of slime I have always tried to treat people with respect and as such I do not want anyone’s

( keep asking are’nt I, never going to get it so I do it anyway.)

I have been living a lie and I dont know even I have ever worn clothes or even seen my family with my own eyes.

Back to the pollution.

I dont ever want to judge anyone on the basis of their colour or creed or their class or their status and as such, STOP messing with my mind’s way of thinking.

Offcourse you wont stop stop, nut i just wanted to put it out there.


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