Ponnumani – Nenjukkulea

This song is from the hit movie Ponnumani, directed by R.V. Udayakumar and its cast is rather extensive but I’ll list the main protagonists; the main leading actor is Navarasa Nayagan Karthik(Murali Karthikeyan Muthuraman) and Soundarya (Soundarya Sathyanarayana) and Sivakumar(Palaniswamy Gounder) and many other notably Manorama and the comedy trio of that time Vadivellu, Senthil and Goundamni.

The plot of the movie( rather distasteful at this time of the world and even back then, but that was set in rural India where such incidents are quite common, still)\

Soundarya and Karthik are sweethearts who spend their childhood together in a village. Soundarya goes off to pursue an education, but she and Karthik remain devoted to each other. Sivakumar, who dotes on Karthik wants to see them happily married.

It is decided that they marry once Soundarya’s exams are over. Karthik, who has been waiting all his life for this moment sets off eagerly to receive Soundarya at the station. He is shocked to find her in a mentally unbalanced state.

Later on, he learns that Soundarya has been brutally molested by Uday Prakash and is pregnant. Though overwhelmed with grief, he tries to arrange Soundarya’s marriage with the rapist. When the latter shows no remorse for his actions and tries to kill Soundarya, Karthik kills him and is sentenced for 5 years. He is reunited with childlike Soundarya and her daughter.

Here is a song from that movie that I really enjoyed and it simply is amazing if you can understand the lyrics and its meanings.

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