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Hello MRMOD, due to publishing conditions put in place i cannot swear except call you a piece of shit, but you and i know that you are the most foulest things to describe you would bring shame to those foulest things, yes you are that worse, to put simply you are backstabbing and traitorous and manipulative. To make things worse you have the power to stop bad things to good people but you don’t do it that should get you into hell for a long time with a VIC(very important Criminal) pass and i hope that they don’t let you out ever.

You have not only stolen my body you are also keeping from my family, you have sold me out to a pot of shit and to a former prostitute’s children so that wretched child of your step brother can have fulfill his sadistic sexual fantasies i know because i have seen them in action, why do i have to be a spectator anyway you filthy shit. I don’t want to see other people having sex in my vision’s I’m not a pervert that’s fine to have a small minute description but the whole picture of a paddling action is too much.

I would like to point out my plight and that of my family caused by your nephew whom you have adopted as your son, that thing is a constant pain in my life and you are the worst migraine, you come and go as you please i wonder what you do, do you take pleasure in killing me or robbing me of simple pleasures just because it pleasures your adopted child. Let me remind you that there is a limit to your denial of life for me and my family and there is a end for you, consider this as a reminder, and it will come from your son whom you so dearly love and cherish, i would love to have that as my vision but i suppose good things come to those who wait and I’m more than willing to wait for that particular vision.

You have again and again denied me the simplest things on the request of your son and his bitches, these requests will not end ever and you will be the one to pay for them.

You have never said that you have a problem with the A’s ever, not before i try-ed to help her and i didn’t know who she was at that time and i still don’t and you haven’t told me that you have a problem with her now, i know you don’t i have seen you all have a gang-bang with her in the middle of it having the time of her life and now her sister has gotten in it, it must be a privilege to bang all of you at the same time. I still don’t know weather that you would throw her away once you got bored of her and her sister and her family members. Anyway i still don’t know that rules, I’ll make them up as i go along after all i have no idea as to what the hell is going on and where parts of me is you have stolen my organs and are using them yourself. And almost all of my body is gone, when ever i wake up in the morning i feel like half of me is dead, i know half of me is dead as i cannot feel my arms sometimes and i have to wait a minute to wake them up. To add to that i feel like that you are injecting me with god knows what into my systems i don’t know if they are supposed to stop my transformation or to remove or to reduce my powers, since i have stopped taking the pills you seem to do this often to me now. I want to go home and also i wont stay as ignorant for ever and this shit cant be hidden for all eternity and it will come to light and when it does I’ll make sure you know how it feels like to have everyone that’s supposed to look out for turn against you, i just hope that this is not a pipe dream and that it wont be easily washed away with your manipulation.

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