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Still suffocating

I’m still suffocating on your thoughts and what it could have been.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck in Love, that’s why and every love song reminds me of the devil’s(more than one) that took my heart away.

I do still want to rip you to pieces but I would need to think like you, I can’t even bring myself to kill a fly just wave until it’s gone.

I do want revenge for what you lured me into and how you ruined me and still ruining me and I do believe that you and your cohorts won’t ever stop…ever.

However the world is huge and I just want to fall off the map, if only I can.

I just want to be away from all Elamnite’s gaze and forever.

It just seems to be a never going to fulfilled wish.

I am still thinking, of how I can get away before I turn 40 hopefully I can still have something…something.

I have hope, but I shouldn’t it’s like crying to blind and deaf and dumb person.

Even such a person can be made to listen and see and even talk, but you lot that’s pretending to sleep…you cant be woken up.

I hope you crash your car and die with your entire family, specially EVERYONE and no one left to revive any of you.

I never thought someone can be so cruel from such a young age and so pure evil to lure someone with the desire for love into an eternal trap of misery and pain and humiliation…but this is the age of darkness after all…then how come I exist.

I won’t big myself up…I only still want someone to love… I’d be happy with even a puppy, nope, I’d be happy with just a puppy and nothing-no one else…no Elamnite’s or Humans.

I hope you get what’s coming to you and your cohorts, at least feel the pain I felt for all those years, especially the heartache of seeing you go with someone else and rubbing it in me, hope you get screwed over by your family…hope it’s all I have…I don’t want it.

Hope should have also escaped from Pandora’s box, it’s killing time on this Earth which I don’t have.

I will find love…I just don’t know when and what lifetime.

#MsJ #PandorasBox #choaking #suffocating #betrayal #deathcomeswhenready #LOVE #Hate #Killingmesoftly #scrappingthebarrel #Hope

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