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Stop ruining me… Remember karma isn’t nice

Stop messing up my reputation and my life i keep saying live and let live but you don’t seem to listen, none of you.

I promise i will get a chance to fuck you all up and i will gladly take it with a grin ear to ear.

STOP seriously.

I only came to set things right and abusing me will only mess your future up.

Yes you can see the future each and every time you choose and divert anything that may make my life worth living or any threat to you, which there is none.

Do you know why they call it circle of life?

Let me explain: the one that loses now will not always be a loser and the winner or in your case the torturer won’t always be in that position.

I will be in your position at least once or i will make someone else do it for me, as i don’t like others blood or tears on my hand.

I’m frustrated and extremely annoyed at the young prince and most of all i want to cut out the parasite entrenched in my most inner self that keeps on saying “shut the fuck up”.

Could you be in my situation, let me paint a clear picture for all. Read below.

I have no say in where I work.

I can’t get a good job, or a job at all.

MY partner is a whore.

My life is non existent.

My family has been stolen and have betrayed me. Simply abandoned me.

I have no future.

I feel plenty of pain, but no pleasure. None.

I cant think for my self.

I’m being lied to. By everyone.

The gods have turned against me.

The women i once loved turned out to be just playing with me.

I have no eyes, fat shit stole it,

Forget eyes, i have no body.

I have no genitals.

I have bee turned into a woman.

There’s people whom I’ve never been involved, as far as I know, dictating my life, every aspects of it.

I seem to have no control of my money or how i spend it.

I’m a remotely controlled person.

Oh and last thing I can’t seem to die. Even though I keep trying the prince and his henchmen try to end it but no use.

Did i miss something out, you know me better than anyone else or better than myself let me know.

I maybe a puppet but the man pulling string should consider every beings life as worth as his own, after all even trees have a soul as dictated by the gods. In hinduism.

I will do to you all what you did to me and my family and my community.

Circle of Life or Circle or Karma.

#wornoutsoul #Wearry #Tired #Addictedtopoison #deathcomeswhenready #backstabing #Torture #Mentalheath #Yama

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