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Strange fact’s about Hitler


20. He Had a Crush on a Jew

Yes! The guy who wanted to annihilate Jews from the face of the planet actually had a crush on a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. This was back when Hitler was in his younger days and hadn’t grown into his full evil adult self yet. It was said that Hitler was shy around her and had never told her how he truly felt about her. Apparently, the young Hitler had fantasies about her. Some of those daydreams included kidnapping her for his own pleasure and even the two of them killing themselves together. That one we can actually believe.

19. He Was Gassy

No, it was not just hot air that came out of his mouth. Hitler was plagued with some GI issues and therefore had to fart. Like, all the time. Those digestive problems were with Hitler throughout his entire life, and one of the side effects was flatulence that he could not and did not want to control. He was also hit with frequent cramps and stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, and lots of discomfort after meals. Hm, we wonder how upset his stomach got each time he had to speak in front of hundreds or even thousands of people? Or if the Nazis knew about his stinky dilemma.

18. He Injected Himself with Bull Semen

This guy was pretty hard core, even in his private life. It was said that he used bull semen to get himself up and at ‘em in bed. The injections were meant to up his libido so that he could perform adequately for his woman. And that was not the only thing that Hitler was shooting up with or ingesting. He also took cocaine so that he could clear his nasal passages and there were nearly 30 medications and drugs that he used throughout his life. The dictator’s medical records were up for auction at Alaexander Historical Auctions in Stamford, Connecticut.

17. He Was a Perv

Not that this surprises us, but it just validates our suspicion that Adolf Hitler was creepy. Really creepy. Apparently he had a thing for his niece, Geli Raubal, and was probably sexually involved with her. He spent a lot of time with her and there were rumors that the two of them had totally gotten physical. Geli died in 1931 and authorities said it was an apparent suicide, but there is still speculation that Hitler himself was responsible for her death at just 23 years of age. Geli Raubal has been portrayed in movies such as Hitler, Uncle Adolf, and Hitler: The Rise of Evil.

16. Hitler Had a Nephew in the U.S. Navy

Talk about family rivalry. Hitler’s nephew was William Patrick Hitler, who was engaged in American combat against Hitler and the Nazis. William Patrick served in the United States Navy but reportedly worked alongside his uncle Adolf for a little while. Maybe that was just a war tactic? Get to know the enemy so you can really take him down? William Patrick was Adolf’s brother’s son and was born in Ireland in 1911. He went to Germany in 1933 where he worked at the Reich Credit Bank in Berlin, thanks to Adolf Hitler’s recommendation. William Patrick died while being imprisoned by the Soviet Union in 1942.

15. He Almost Died 42 Times

Yup, a total of 42 assassination attempts were administered against Adolf Hitler. None of them were successful, but the evil dictator ended up killing himself. Some notable attempts to take Hitler’s life include a poison event at Hotel Kaiserhof and an attempt by the Luttner group in Konigsberg. Some attacks carried out by unknown assassins took place twice in 1934, 1937, and 1943. The most famous of these attacks was on July 20, 1944, when Claus von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler in Wolf’s Lair. Operation Valkyrie, as it was called, had the intent of killing off Hitler and regaining control of Germany and its armed forces.

14. He Only Had One Testicle

Perhaps his lack of a testicle ended up giving Hitler some kind of inferiority complex, leading to the disastrous dictator’s rise to power. Hitler was actually born with two testicles, but lost one of them during World War I. The doctor who attended to him had to remove the testicle in order to save Hitler’s life. The groin injury happened at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. There was a World War II lilt sung to make fun of the fiasco: “Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall.” Unfortunate, yet funny.

13. He Didn’t Eat Meat

Yes, the ruthless dictator was a loyal vegetarian. Interesting that a guy who was so thirsty for blood would have a problem with consuming the flesh of animals. Yet at the tail end of his life, Hitler turned to vegetarianism. Some historians say that the leader opted for a vegetarian diet after hearing about the theories of Richard Wagner, who was an adamant racist much like Hitler. Those in the psychology field say that Hitler’s transition to vegetarianism may have been a way of atoning for the death of his niece. Besides abstaining from the consumption of meat, it was also said that Hitler stayed away from cigarettes and alcohol.

12. He Was a High School Dropout

Who would have thought? Hitler actually never finished high school, yet he surpassed expectations and became a super power (albeit totally malicious) leader. At the age of 16, Hitler left high school due to his lack of interest in his schooling. Wow. He was stubborn as a bull (must be why he liked bull semen) and he was sick and tired of having to listen to other people and do what they told him to do. Yes, this sounds like a complex, indeed. The subjects that Hitler was interested in were war and art; he actually studied fine art in Venice, Italy at one point in his life.

11. He Almost Became a Priest

Hold up. Really? Yes, at the age of 14, Hitler was seriously changed and influenced by a priest who lent him a helping hand. The religious man rescued young Hitler from frostbite and hypothermia by pulling him out of a lake in the middle of winter. So what happened? Well, by the time Hitler grew up he had read more about war and history and decided that he did not want to be just a priest. He wanted to be God. Hence his indoctrination of Nazi youth and his terrible deeds. As far as Hitler’s religious views were concerned, he was raised Catholic and read the Bible.

10. He Wanted to Drown Moscow

In a sense, yeah. Hitler’s master plan for the city of Moscow, Russia was to transform the city into a gigantic lake. He started the Riechskommissariat Moskowien as a plan for the Nazis to occupy Moscow (and then other Soviet territories) and turn them into his own administrations. Moscow itself was set to be an artificial lake via the opening up of the Moscow-Volga Canal. The leader had similar plans for Warsaw, Poland, which included occupying the city and transforming it into a transit hub for the Wehrmacht. However, the Nazis actually ended up turning Warsaw into mostly a heap of ruins following the Warsaw Uprising.

9. He Was a Chocoholic

Hitler would eat as much as two pounds of chocolate per day! He had a major sweet tooth and it turns out that one way to his good side was through his stomach. He loved hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream, as well as a variety of pastries. Come to think of it, it is a wonder how Hitler was not obscenely obese. Besides those sweet treats, he took his tea with copious amounts of sugar and would even put sugar in his wine. We can’t even imagine anything sweet about this man, so perhaps chocolate and pastries are the closest he will ever get to that adjective.

8. He Created Blow-Up Dolls

Well, maybe he didn’t physically make blow-up dolls, but Hitler himself was responsible for the idea of these strange toys. He did not want his men getting involved with women; physically nor emotionally. Yet even Hitler understood that men had sexual desires and needs. So, to make everyone satisfied, he thought of blow-up dolls. They were a suitable alternative to an actual woman, or at least he thought so. Apparently, Hitler saw nothing wrong with getting freaky with a girl made of plastic. We already knew this guy was a serious weirdo, but this is really just kind of creepy.

7. He Was Freaky in Bed

Piggy-backing off of the blow-up doll anecdote, it turns out that this was not the only bizarre sexual thing about the Nazi leader. It turns out that Hitler also got turned on by being pooped and urinated on. People refer to this as the Golden Shower and the Cleveland Steamer. Considering that Hitler was always farting, we can imagine that he probably got a rise out of people passing gas on him, too. Also, he gave his fellow Nazis blow-up dolls to have fun with, so who is to say that he didn’t use those dolls to his own advantage as well?

6. He Couldn’t Drive

Can you believe it? You would think that Hitler would want to learn how to command a vehicle, at least legally speaking. Yet it seems that he was either uninterested in getting behind the wheel or was too busy plotting his sick deeds. Or maybe he was just too good to take a driving test and didn’t give a crap. Either way, back in the day, you would not find Hitler driving around town. Besides, he probably had people to drive him around anyway. And if someone made fun of him for not having a driver’s license, he would probably shoot them.

5. He Was a Circus Lover

Maybe Hitler could relate to the circus because it was full of freaks. Maybe he finally found people who were crazy and had issues like him. Maybe he had a secret dream to be a circus performer himself. He could have been the amazing man who could not stop farting. Yet if you ask historians what the deal was with Hitler and his affinity for the circus, they would tell you that Hitler took delight in the fact that those freaks and lowly workers would put their lives on the line just to make Hitler happy. Cleary, this dude was messed up.

4. He (Probably) Had Parkinson’s

Many historians and experts on the Nazi leader say that it is most likely that Hitler suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. The evidence is there: Hitler had very trembly hands toward the end of his life, and experts have even said that the disease may explain why Hitler launched his attack on Russia too early in 1941. In fact, some of the most terrible murders carried out by Hitler may have been because of Parkinson’s Disease. That is because the illness wreaks havoc on the brain, which causes victims to become impulsive and violently temperamental. The latest research was carried out by the University of Pittsburgh and the findings were released in summer 2015.

3. He Liked to Smell Bad

Hitler did not want to put on aftershave, deodorant, or anything that would give him a pleasing aroma. This guy did not want to smell heavenly. And why would he? He was rotten to the core, through and through evil, and he even looked like a total jerk. His personal hygiene was questionable, since we aren’t really positive that he bathed himself on a regular basis. After all, Hitler had some weird thing about being seen naked and would not allow anyone to see him in his birthday suit. But if he weren’t using aftershave or deodorant and wasn’t bathing, he would probably smell pretty foul.

2. He Loved Opera

Yes, Hitler was actually a cultured man. Besides studying fine arts and architecture, Hitler was also into the opera. In fact, a quote from one of the Hitler insiders says that if the Nazi leader started talking about the opera, no one would ever interrupt him. He would usually “sermonize on this topic” until he bored just about everyone into a nap. This is interesting, because by the time the Nazi party had taken control, Hitler was monitoring what the public listened to. When Hitler was taking on young Nazis, if they could sing, compose music, or play an instrument, they were immediately approved of.

1. He Was Not a Sports Fan

That actually makes sense to us, considering that Hitler was so not a team player. He would hate to collaborate with others and work toward a common goal. The only reason he probably liked the Nazis was because they were working together for his goal. Even so, Hitler himself did help with organizing the Olympic Games in Berlin, but as far as sports were concerned, he thought they were a total snooze-fest. Even games were usually off-limits for Hitler. He was also distressed by the black runner Jesse Owens, saying that people “from the jungle were primitive” and “their physiques were stronger than those of civilized whites and hence should be excluded” from sports.

SOURCE : 20 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler

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