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Success… it’s definition to me

Success is a simple word with soo many meaning’s to soo many people.

Succes to the western world, which I am part of for now and for the foreseeable future, is defined, to most people who are working is to make it. And by that means to make a lost of money and perhaps own a company or come up with a great start-up that winning company.

To me, success is having a roof over my head and something to eat, that’s a basic right. The main thing I want to be successful is having someone in my life that I can share my crazy self with, so far except you the reader no-one has ever seen the inner self and mostly i keep that to myself and the stuff publish are one in a millionth of the stuff I see and hear and think. Also to have two children and I’d prefer one of each but this time in my life I wouldn’t want a girl as the enemy that I see may abuse her and that kills me soo fast inside I don’t think I can get back up. Whereas the boy can, well hopefully, defend himself when he is older.

This makes me think quite hard about my own views, I see women as equals but as needing to defend themselves or needing some help from men in their families or other men in their life or perhaps that thing you hear in movies” kindness from strangers”.

This is not my fault, this view is not my fault although I do come from a community where women, LTTE female combatants took the same role as the male Combatants and went to war against the Sri Lankan troops as well as IPKF. The reason I have this view is because during the war the women in the Tamil households would most likely get raped and sexually assaulted and that would scar them for life and since such an attack would cause stigma among their peers and the men if they are not informed or educated or even educated would see this as disgrace and would likely to abandon them. And I saw LTTE caders getting rapped by the Sri Lankan TriForces after the war if you haven’t seen the facts of the war the look at this. Sri lankas killing feilds.

So why am i so ignorant about the women needing help when, now even more women in the North and East of Sri Lanka are head of households and they hold down jobs and provide for their children and as well as their ageing family members when they have lost their Husband’s and brothers and father and uncles and other relatives that have been Forcefully Abducted by the State during the final war against the LTTE and they have not been seen or heard from ever since.

Their mothers and wives have been protesting ever since February 2017 and has been continuing non stop ever since without any answers at all and it’s still continuing and so far more than 20 of those mothers have died during the protests and without answers from the so-called “Good-Governance” Government let by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Even though they campaigned to release all private lands occupied by the Triforces of Sri Lanka and also to make good on their promise of Releasing the list of surrendered and captured as well as those that were handed over to them on the promise that they will be rehabilitated and returned. None has been seen ever since.

Sri lanka campaign

International Crisis Group 

These are long to read if you have a good hour try it then.

I see that I have gotten away from the main topic, sorry anyway.

I would love to go home back to the North East of Sri Lanka or Tamil Eelam right about now and help people who have no means of helping themselves and that is happiness and success at the same time but what’s even more of success is not having anyone that need any help at all, if we all fend for our selves then it’s great. Now there’s a good wish to be made.

Support not only equality but equity for all even the nasty because you dont know what made them like this.

Give them all a chance just one.

#Rape #GiveaChance #GoSLArmy #Eelam #LTTE #SriLankanTriforces #LOVE #Tamil #Stigma #Success #TamilEelam

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