The Bitch is on The Move.

I don’t think you read this Mr M so I’m asking the general public to be aware of the bitch, her name is Janeeta, for now that is all will have to go on nor middle name or surname for the time being so that they may not use this as a way into my life, although that is a lost cause. She is five feet and six inches and has black hair and brown eyes. Capable of transforming into a black cat and with blue eyes, don’t ask me how that works out but the cat may have brown eyes as well. She has nothing but pure evil intentions for her part and has been using my body for the past 12 or so years to ruin lives on this god forsaken rock called earth and this time during these hard pressed times she has been stepping it into overdrive and had gone after people with headscarves and their possible lives and their relationships.

I’m asking you all to be cautious around this bitch as her part to transform and consume me has also gone into overdrive. My body has all but become a shell facilitating her clone unfortunately that seems to also has gone wrong somehow although i would not believe that a being of great evil can take orders when all it wants to do is take control and have it all for its self.

Her accomplices are not that far away, there’s a bold guy white looks like hes a messed up clone with skin defects and also a facial defect that would give Quentin Tarentino nightmares. He’s also of middle height like me but a bit a hell-of-a-lot more eviler and maniacal and also very deceptive, of course they have been using my body to manipulate peoples relationships to their advantage and so that they may have sexual intercourse with the person that they so want, she has done this when i was in school as well she broke up a couple that looked great and i got the blame for it, i was actually envious not jealous.

Anyway if you see a Black cat chase it away or run for you lives.

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