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The Grandfather Paradox

I'm now a fan of killing myself so that i may not produce such cunts as the ones that have led me to my doom and humiliation.

Even if you take the penis and produce shitheads such as your bio-pap, depending on who uses it will eventually morph and change the DNA into theirs. And thus their children will be created and thus making a completely new Lord V and from him a new Lord B and from that Lord S.

Talk about kissing your future away in the hope of killing your Grand-pap, in the process you become the in bread's bitch, and thus putting you and the old man in the position that I found you in back before this all came to be.

I hear a voice that said "I wouldn't mind". Well nor would I.

You will have to try this shit one more time and make it work.

I have absolutely no problem dying as i have spent almost all except 4 or three years being free and i cant seem to recall any sweet memories at all.

If I do perish then it's fine, a bad reputation given to me by you and a vast and lengthy smear campaign created wont be sending me anywhere bad, except maybe a few nasty looks by a few people none the wiser.

Since I have not killed anyone or hurt anyone with my actions i would be fine, as Lord Yama is an honest Demi-God and he will judge me for my contribution or the lack of it and on my karma. So I'll be fine...But you and your

Without any form of saving you and your extensive family members and any concubines that have been involved in the destruction of this vast cosmos will end up...could you believe a BAD place.

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