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The King is the Head

As the title says is true.

The King is the Head of the Elamnite Community and as such he alone, if he fails to prevent attrocity’s being carried out in the name of the Elamnite community, is reponsible to answer the judge that will ask at the end of his life.

Just like the Human cattle’s thats being misguided by the Elamnites to that they may attain the Drug and high of power. If the Elamnite that is guiding the Humans is found to have killed humans just for fun, or heck even takes a life, should suffer in the court.


Just because you lot see yourself as gods that does mean you are entitled to kill The humans or even manipulate their  minds to serve you in any shape or form.

I got side tracked.

If the Head of a Human country, e.g: the Yougoslavian head stood for war crimes, commits mass murder or someone egg’s him/her on to kill innocent people they should be held accountable Specially the top three. You are one of the Top three Mr King and as such you should and so should mr DM be held accountable for their actions. Regardless of the outcome. You Must pay for it.

It is a Life after all, just because it dont have telepathy or any other fancy powers so what the soul should still know that it’s murderer was’nt execmpt from justice…..ever.

It may look like Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa may have escaped justice, but Karma is kinda slow with her calcualtions and as such Give her time She will and Deffinetley catch up to all of them in due Time and also only when they have let down their guards.

She likes an air of surprise.

She’s quite nasty, just like what she’s doing to me now.

I am suffering for making him suffer for one lie and many other rapes.

Looks like I am also a victim of myself. what can i Do…i’ll just have to wait.

Remember I have the word from the one that’s outside of this Universe to set the Tings straight, unfortunatley you and I have to wait 10000 years to get something worth while, this lifetime belongs to Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma and his bitches.

No jokes

I just realized that I got carried away again.

As the head, you will be my target for my disgruntled behavior

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