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The Origin of Dowry.

The Origin of Dowry.

In my humble thought process, the origin of dowry and all its misunderstandings is to be clarified here, only if I’m right.

I believe that the Giving and taking Dowry comes from the ancient times when a Ruler or some sort of chieftain or King or someone of higher stature was so in love with his daughter that he or she proposed that whoever is to marry his beloved daughter would be a house-bound and thus the name husband.

Let me explain if I have a daughter I would like the groom to live close by and nit take her away to his place and to make sure of this I would provide him with a house or apartment or some sort of living quarters, fit for my daughter and if he had parents, hopefully, he has a load’s of extended family members( as I love large family’s and I myself come from one and would love the abundance of love given and taken from such large gatherings) anyway even if he only has a single mother that’s also fine but my, perceived and would be daughter must like her and be liked back, and I would propose that my new Son-in-law stay in close proximity to myself and my family, at least within the city limits so that if I feel like, and if she permits me, I will visit.

In order for him to stay put where she is, I would offer Dowry as compensation for his mother to allow him to live near us. And that’s what happened I think anyway, some king thought long and hard and thought if she leaves me I’ll be hurting and my love for my daughter is too big so he or she must have thought this idea though and decided to pay the In-Laws a ransom or price for their Son and in some countries for their daughter as so that they may have them nearby.

To put it simply, what the 1st Dowry Giver did was simply buy his Daughter a husband when she came of age and that has been now misinterpreted in the modern age. In my humble opinion anyway.

That’s what I think anyway. If you have any clarification of this or another FACTFULL version or something from the Purans then please comment below, please don’t hesitate.

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