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The recycling process

It’s not what you think.

As Hinduism dictates that God that and his disciples and saints and other beings with great strength in various fields sometimes tend to come down to sort out problems and to also sometime to just to alleviate pain and misery of the population and without discriminating against cast and colour and creed and others what human’s see as separate to themselves.

This is also to have fun and also there have been some stories when dring the times before history got recorded that there were people that married Demi-Gods.

I personally like Bishma’s story, he was a son of Mother Ganga( the river that takes away and purifies you of all sin when you take a dip into her when the time is right) and he would have been killed by her when he was a baby by her by means of drowning and she said that he had been born to live out a horrible life of heartache and pain had he died he would have had not suffered and possibly no Kurukshetra war.

The other one is Lord Yama’s Marrying a human woman, I don’t remember much about it but it’s is said that he, Lord Yama had a son who was not smart and but the woman was smart and cunning and as such she would nag him soo much he would return to his domain and that he would when calmed down would return again. Since his Mrs is smart, she was able to help her son to find a wife.

So the son was dumb and but she had an idea she persuaded, Lord Yama, to grant him a boon to see when someone was going to die and since the son was a Doctor of some sort he was persuaded to help only people he knew would live and he would turn away people that he knew that was near death and thus he developed and good business and one such time a beautiful girl came to get help and he fell for her, however his father, Lord Yama warned his that she was not to be treated and to be sent away as she was near death and that it would be fruitless.

Sorry, I can’t remember the rest.

This recycling process is also beneficial to Humans as well as the Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses have influenced us so much more than the available on recorded and verbal history, because I am a firm believer that the Earth is actually Far older than what the Religious people and the Scientific community says.

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