The Tamils and Muslims of Sri Lanka

I was wondering about the Tamils and Muslims of Sri Lanka we both speak the same language except for a few Muslims that live far south of the country they only speak Sinhalese or Sinhalam in Tamil. Yet we differentiate ourselves from each other according to our religion’s the Tamil’s can be Hindu’s mainly and Catholics because we speak Tamil as our main language, however the Muslims speak Tamil and Sinhalese fluently so they do not belong to any groups defined by language and region, they live all over the country. It’s because they live all over the country that they cannot be shoved into one group but they can bat for all groups but they choose to bat for their team and almost all the time and if not every time they side with the Sinhalese for political gains and never with us for any reason i can understand it’s because the Sinhalese are a majority and they can do something for them in exchange, we on the other hand gets betrayed and back stabbed by a select few who support the Government even without reason and only because the opposing party is Tamil. I have personally come across this in twice in Colombo, a Muslim Auto-rickshaw driver was speaking horribly about the Tamil people for no apparent reason what so ever, i did try and reason with him about it but he just would not listen and he kept going on and on.

I think the Muslims are part of the Sinhalese community whom speak Tamil for their benefit and nothing more and they show it every where, however the Sinhalese community cannot seem to differentiate them from Tamils and so they have accepted their help in decimating the Tamils the of North for now and when they do differentiate them they will feel the same effect that we felt from the Sinhalese, like torture and mass murder. The Sinhalese have used the Muslims and Tamils like two sides of a chessboard and have happily played them apart from each other for their own gain however unlike the Tamils the Muslims haven’t had many or much of internal divisions but that will soon change as time goes by.

Tamils are not easily broken up but they are targeted every time for political and military and social attacks and they have caused more divisions with the help of Tamil Nadu to the north and the Indian intelligence agency R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) who are recruiting former Tamil militants to further divide the Tamil Community for a sinister future plan. So far they have sent four or five groups trained by the Indian army into the Tamil Homeland and they are working with the SLA( Sri Lanka Army) and the TID(terrorist Investigation Department). The TID is in fact a terrorist organization itself it operates the notorious white vans, They have tinted windshields and windows and have no registration plates and they come and abduct people from the community who speak out and protect the community and they wear civilian clothes and they show arrest warrant papers of such and eventually the victim dissapears and someone will if they are extremely lucky find the body, and in extreme cases with the help of foreign diplomats and officials someone can be found alive but they wont be released anytime soon. The TID operates under Gothabaya Rajapaksa the sibling of the president of Sri Lanka and he is known for his racist views towards the Tamils and is one of the most evil man on the planet, but he is less known than Idi Amin because no foreign journalists are allowed to go in the North and document what he has done to the  Tamil population.

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