The way I am!

I am the way I am because of the collective actions and negligence towards me and us by you and all of your offsprings.

The attitude I have towards you lot is the result of your child and his bitches.

You know as well as I do i that he won’t ever let me or us live in peace, even after death he is the type to dig up the body and torture us until he is comfortable with the result, which is never.

The attitudes of you lot and me is the result of mistreatment and malicious intentions by one person, whos free right now to carry on.

I do hope he at least fucks up u lot, because I’m tired of being humiliated and tortured by a group of sadistic perverts.

Oh if you are successful in ending my life and keeping me dead, I hope and desire never to see any of your faces again. Ever.

Oh if the king desires a daughter then tell him to fuck one of his subjects, and not to lure and steal one moronic man’s body and slowly torture until he dies or gets trapped in his former body.

Yours, hopefully not for long, faithfully

Mr mo

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