There is no end in sight!!!!

I can see the future.

To be precise I can see my future and how it turns out in the context of the grand scheme of things to come.

I can tell you that it’s not great or even worth living for that matter.

I came to make positive change to the cosmic order of things and that didn’t go according to plan.

But there is a another being who is responsible for this and it’s now up to him to collect the dues from those that took when they had nothing to take but they took it anyway so they have a lot of debt to pay and they must, there is no other way.

I will collect what they took when a new cycle begins and so I keep my word what ever may come I will collect, Like death and karma I too will Deliver and collect my payment (s).

No one will be exempt. No one.

#debtcollector #Karma #lust #Santanadarma

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