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There is no Future!!!😪

As the title suggests There is no Future for Me.

So when I meet my eventual demise i hope, hope that you all won’t do this to another soul…Be it good, great or bad or worse.


I have seen multiple versions of my future and none of them and i mean none of them look worth living a split second in it.

1. I am deformed and crippled and i feel no sensation, good news to the young mr mod.

2. I have no family, same as now but then well into the future they’re openly hating me.

3. I marry a whore and she still continues to do her job, seems like normal to your community but not where I come from.

4. I’m still trapped in the inbreads head or where ever i am now.

5. Growing pains, many lifetimes of continually working non stop everyday for thousands of lifetimes catches up and i end up on a wheelchair.

6. Hard labour but no fruits to savor.

7. you’ll enjoy this one, i get killed on the table but that’s not all, here’s the cream on top with cherry, my community you’ve been killing loose it all you get what you crave.

8. Dead don’t stay dead for long, the people you’ve killed curse hangs over your head and you fight for dominance with your underling but it’s not pleasant.

9. Your bitch sneak’s in her foul play.

I could go on but you already know what’s going to happen, this is for anyone that’s not able to grasp the cusp of tension ( am i saying it right).

Hope at least i die on my terms once, and never on my knees.

#Braindead #Deceit #Destroyed #Butcher #Elamites #Brahma #dreaming #Censorship #Discrimination #Eelam #Desecration #Boring #deprevation #Dilusion

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