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There’s no such thing as a Villain

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

There’s no such thing as a Villain.

Let Me Explain.

You are the knight.

I am the Dragon.

He is the King.


So the story gors like this, there is a dragon in the country side that’s burning down houses and looting.

Now that was the King’s Prespective.

There are houses and filled in them are humans whom would make wonderful food and their jewels would make fantastic shiny things i can keep and adore.

Now that’s the Dragons prspective.

The king has summoned me and as I have sworn My alligence and my honour to the Throne I must do my duty and Slay the Dragon.

Now thats the Knight’s Prespective.


It’s all about Prespective, you and I and Everyone must look at it from each and every angle and from everyone’s prespective so then we may decide what we should do in that situation.

In the End it’s all about thinking for other’s all the while doing your job properly.

#differentpeople #prespectives

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