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Thrown away baby

There was a baby born out of wedlock and it was not even a love child, it was a boy and he was a rape child. And the mother being superstitious decided to throw away the child i don’t know how long she had him for even if she had cared for the baby. She placed him a water tight cradle and and let it float into a river and it had a waterfall and then she turned into a black cat and watched the laughing child float away into it’s gloomy and yet fun-filled death, to it it was fun filled ride, not to the mother she seemed a little upset, she might have cared for the baby.

Her superstition was that once her baby, let give him a name hmm…Asok, grew up he would come about and kill someone that she cared for, i think, shame if it was fate to kill this person the there will be no escape from that and regardless of the child’s conditions there would be murder of that person and by Asok.  So by trying to kill the child she has already given Asok a motive to kill the person after all he did rob him of his beloved mother and a happy or a broken family with his mother and the right to know his father’s name and a right to be brought up by his own mother and be tought by her. Since he was robbed of his childhood with his mother he was not exactly as vengeful as you would like or feeling like revenge, because he has no idea who was until a dream and in his late teens about eighteen or so but certainly a bit before that he wished that he was an orphan because the people that bought him up was kinda nice but sometimes they were kinda harsh. And also he wanted to run away because the father that raised him was an alcoholic and sometimes had fights that was unnecessary.

I would love to say that i cared for the mother but i don’t after she throwing him for another person she should have raised him and thought him to be nice to the other person and love them and treat them with respect I’m sure he would have listened to his own mother. Gradually the boy developed a free and wild nature and would unusually like to play like you and would think like you he’s not a god just mortal. The mother made an attempt to see her long deliberately lost son and unlike her traditional dress she wore a Gujarati dress, a Hijab, which was her saree pulled over her head and she looked great although he had no idea until a few months ago that she was his mother and she was a beauty. He got her name, khan, at least he thought so but that was not her name she was born into a Punjabi family and had the boy with a Gujarati cunt and was in love with another Gujarati guy.

He had a brother that was born after him he  was also given up and that boy was born to a Pakistani guy, the Pakistani is a bald guy with a few daughters and a wife and also a boy. This boy was taken to an orphanage and was raised to become an LTTE fighter and during the later stages of the LTTE against the SLA, some Indian troops and some other nations help the defeated the LTTE and captured him among thousands of others

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