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Time Dialation

How many of you watched the Movie Interstellar?

I hope most of you who’s reading this has or at least read the spoilers and reviews of some sort.


The protagonist Leaves on a jurney when his child is still a Child. Try to follow or go see the movie somewhere.

Then the protagonist come back when his Child is now older woman, so much older than him.

This is due to time dialation. It’s a new “western scientific world” concept, however we Hindu’s were aware of this concept some 2000+ years ago.

This difference between both the father and the child’s times is because of time dilation, which was predicted by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity.

time dialagtion

The above is for illustration purposes only, as a representaion of Mahabharatha.

Here is an excerpt of the Theory that Albert said much much later in time.

“King Kakudmi, who ruled a kingdom under sea, was worried no one was worthy enough to marry his daughter Revati. So, he took her with him to the home of Brahma, to ask for the god’s help in finding a suitor. They patiently waited as Brahma was listening to a musical performance. And, finally when King Kakudmi got his chance, he bowed and made his request. Brahma laughed at the King’s ignorance and said:

“O King! The princes that you thought would become the bridegroom of your daughter, all died; their sons and grandsons and their friends even have all passed away.”

Brahma goes on to explain: time runs differently on different planes of existences. During the time the King and Revati had waited to see Brahma, 27 chatur-yugas (roughly 113 million years), had passed on Earth. Everything that Kakudmi had owned and known, including his family and treasures, have all vanished with time. The King and his daughter, who were now shocked and in sorrow, were then reassured by Brahma that they can go back to find Balarama, the brother of Krishna, as the suitor for Revati. Back to Earth, the King and Revati find everything vastly different from when they had left. The landscapes, people and just about everything have changed.

There’s another snippet from the same epic, of King Muchukunda, which has similar concept of lapse in time, due to difference in how time works on Earth versus that in the place of Gods.

It’s all real and if you dont beilive it, well…..

We as a specie’s Give our ancestors and old cultures less Credit and less respect than what they deserve, they were smart and frankly they could do better than us if a competition against us.

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