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To the one in Sri Lanka

Hi how are doing?

I hear you gotten married, sevral million times infact to your lover and close confidant, how’s she?

I hear all you’ve been doing is killing the Tamil folk continuaslly, ever thought of stopping?

It’s good for you!!

I have a propersition and a challenge.

Pay close attention to these words Lord B.

Option 1.

If you stop and let them live i’ll die peacefully and let you return to your abode.

If you perssist on killing them and wiping them out completely then I have a very bad news for you.

You will need to go back to square one like you have done millions of times before L B.

I know you’ve tried many variences of the murder method and have always failed miserbly and will on this occasion too. I know.

I am already tired of this one life without any fruits and frankly I kinda understand how you feel, I’d like to put you out of your missery…..for good.

You have many allies in the world and frankly they dont intrest me what so ever. Only when they irritate me and if I can see them.

Option 2.

You nor your bold dipshit of a freind will kill me I will choose my death of my choosing and also you will be left in the empty baren wasteland of a planet that is the Elamnite hell.

On contrary to your father’s belief that you can be saved and that you should be left to mass murder a culture that has lasted billions if not since time immemorial and frankly I could’nt give a toss for a few dickhead’s that is the Elamnite’s of Milton Keynes.

I will tear your head from your neck, and offcourse the smart dick’s from the future will do nothing to prevent it. Nothing.

Stop the rape camps and the Killing and the enroachment.

You also have a Family which makes you vunerable, I don’t because of you.

I will kneel for a sword but if you dont stop I will End you forever, Even if I loose it all, They must live or It dont go forward. End Of.

Think D M

Open to option 3.

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