White beard NO #1

When I was 13 I had some problems which seem to have carried themselves all the way to my early 30’s and I do believe that it will carry on well into my death, anyway, regardless.

I went to see my Dr. and he looked different and he was the not one of the Dr’s that I see or nor was he anyone In the practice.

He had a suit and was darker in nature, not black but a darker shade of the Indian people and He had white beard and he said come in and sit down and asked me what the problem was.

I told him my head feels like there is like electric sparks flying in my head and that I have been having headaches since a few weeks and so he took my out the stethescope from his desk and listened to my heart beat and he took my temperature and Asked me to sit on the bed and he touched me on my chest.

This is not the 1st time i saw this man and it will not be the last.

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