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Why Am I Kept Here..

Why are you keeping me you have everything that you could ever want out of this thing and out of me keep the body but set me free why keep me longer, after I’m free the only threat i pose is that of haunting and i have better things in mind than seeing your face. I hear she is pregnant with your child congrats when is it due, what’s it’s name and how are you going to raise it anyway i wish you all the best.

Once you set me free i wont come anywhere close to you i promise i don’t even plan to enter the fucking universe i plan to stay in the nothingness and stay there for the remainder of my existence. I have offered to help you, after all that’s why bought me here i cannot in my rightful mind say that i saw whats was to come when i realized that you wanted to rob him of all dignity and respect within all life and quite frankly i cannot see why that would be he’s a good person and has been good to you as well. But then again you have always claimed that you were and are superior and frankly he agreed with you until your father pointed out otherwise and i guess you didn’t like that idea of something out there more stronger than you  that’s called a weak minded person which you are now demonstrating right now by allowing some to type this up and so that you can have a reason to screw me further anyway to the point, do you think that this will go forever unpunished, if yes then you are more ignorant that ignorance it’s self, I’m merely a fragment of a bigger piece of this universe and the one that’s kissing your backside will realize that he can do better on his own even if he doesn’t one of the girls you mess-up will get you this time or the next time you are here, i have already severed connections to rest of me and i came to take his power as he promised so I’m worthless but I’m sure you’ve already know that.  So it puzzles me to some extent to know why you’re still keeping as prisoner, or maybe you’ve already lost and all of the things that you have created will be wiped out clean  if you break your promise to your father to look after me, you have broken many but this one is not like the others.

The shit bucket’s bucket will not be transferred to me as I’m not impervious but I’m not suitable, he got to where he is because of what he did I’m not clear on that but i will not be your pot to poop in i have done great things to human kind and the others so i will not be treated like this, if you have found a way to do that then the end for you is just around the corner. Unlike me he has the capacity to think and rivals my power to create illusions just about if i had powers. Part of you remains with me and within me and it sometimes pushes me to unspeakable things like i don’t know but it’s cruel. I suppose the part is with me so that you may also feel like the victim if you fail to usurp the throne lets go with that. And if you win i guess you’ll take your part with you and send me to hell and i will not remain there you have tried since i was an infant and have failed more miserably than a blind, deaf and dumb man who’s paralyzed and is trying to pee into the toilet, sorry about the insult but you must understand that i have very little or none at all over my thoughts..hey i have none. Back to the pot once he gets a taste and he already has unless you’re in his head and pretending to be him then you have competition but i guess you have that covered you share you concubines with him you showed it to me once, middle of the night in the shower kinda annoyed i was you woke me up not to mention your sister whom you almost, almost had some complications and without me they would have been yours now it’s that of my own. I have asked before but I’ll ask again can i see him.

I also have the pleasure of gloating right now. You have tried to destroy me many times and your sister has tried to destroy my chances of a potential family that may have been a combined effort or it could have been requested by the concubines and their mother, are they concubines or wives not sure but they’re not nice at all trust me they’ll mess you up but you’re already messed up beyond any psychopath on this little rock. I just wanted to remind you that you are my grandson if you’re smart which you are you’ll already know that. So you trying to destroy my lifeline is pointless because i will have you to continue the line further into the future and thanks to you i will not be forgotten, you have given me quite the reputation and i’m sure that will improve and i doubt that they will forget me, ever.

You have opted to change my appearance and that is to further alienate me and derive me of my family life and of a possible family of my own and what an idea that is. Changing me while I’m blind and pinned down and torn to bits and emotionally incapable of fending for myself, not to mention to see whats actually there, I’m curious how long have you projected an illusion over my life did i even have a bit of freedom of choice and expression and maybe and were the things i felt about people your or mein it wasn’t me that removed myself from MK or your family i would have been looked after fine but now they are against me. All my caretakers and would be friends are on the opposite side and all that’s on my side is my very blind family and i implore you to leave them alone i would and i have always said i would cooperate if you let them go and I’ll say it again you maybe busy having sex and raping people and messing up live so i’ll deliver this to the address i usually go to every time i look for my body i hope it gets to you somehow. However if you do split up my family i  would do all in my powers and that of anyone i can get hod of to kill you in the most horrible way possible and I’ll have your help after all you are inside and you have seen who betrays you and also I’ll use you to wipe out your family, for some reason i get the feeling that you telling me this.

Have a nice day MrDM and Concubines…

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