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Why am i still here?

Hello, this is for you.

Your Majesty, as far as I know I cant think freely.

I don’t have a body, it’s now turned into a woman with kids and she has rights.

I have no thought process and I can’t seem to shake off this headache and intense pain every day.

I know I have lost and that now living is completely pointless but I continue to do so at your will and whim.

I would like to request that you end my life and or give back my body.

Here are a few reasons why.

  1. I have no intention of harming you or your family, except to punch a couple of people in the face with a sledgehammer(can be negotiated).

  2. I have no desire to help the girl that ruined my life in the other previous timeline and her sisters and you for that matter.

  3. I only came to learn and be taught in the way of zen thought process and meditation for a clear and calmer mind and peacefull thought patterns.

  4. You have no need for me unless you find sick pleasure in keeping slaves and hostages after luring them with love and guidance.

  5. I did not challenge you, NOT AT ALL, in fact I was telling you what I saw and I don’t think that was even me.

  6. There is a parasitic being inside my head which shouts “SHUT THE FUCK UP” and I don’t like to say shut up to everyone and I mean no one. I believe that all being has the right to exist, even this piece of shitbag has the right to life but not inside my head and why because it’s their karma and also they’ve earned it, to some extent, not all are earned mostly stolen like in niece’s case or even his ally’s case most of her shit is stolen from me.

  7. I believe that you should either set me free or end it now because the life of a lab rat is cruel and demotivating.

  8. I have not had independent thought process forever since I got hit and knocked out at school why I was just a boy and I believe I’m still in that adolescence state.

  9. I am beneficial to all, be it human or Elamnites.

Last one

In a Democracy every voice is important and as Actor Illayathalapathy said in the SARKAR movie “A Democracy without opposition is just a DICTATORSHIP” and I would choose a Democracy over that any day.

Instead of suppressing me why don’t you educate me you knew me before I knew all of you, well some of you, why didn’t you tell me before whom you lot were to me.

I mean that dickhead Ananth came to see me in around 2002 or so when I was riding a bike why didn’t that shit head tell me who he was and if needed to be alive or not.

Killing in your community is nothing new just wave your finger and you’d be done just like in harry potter”avra’kada’v’ra” and that’s all.


No one, I mean no one told me I couldn’t help a stranger in this city when in trouble, I can and I will This is not India you cant not help and if you do they don’t ask too many questions for it or even call the police. But I was not wrong to offer to help and however I wouldn’t go back to her but I would help another being…for sure I was raised to lend a hand to those that I can and I intend to do that, even if it is an illusion

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