Why is the top…

Why is the top of the rulling class made of such filth.

For Example Lord B’s representative is a Genocidal mass murdering maniac.

Lord V’s representative is a manipulative rapist and murdering scum.

And let’s not forget Lord S’s Representative is nothing but an evil scum filth and of course lets nogt forget their spouses and family memebers.

Mr “O” do you have any idea why at every crucial point that this happens, there is something you are about to do and you thhen change your pathetic mind because of truth.

Don’t deny it.

Your daugther is a ville creature and so are your family memebers, i’m suffering for the crime that happened in an alternative future and in an alternative reality.

I hope, streching it too far but, I do hope that you get fucked up your people that you protect. As far as I know they do…I’ve seen it.

You let this happen, If You controlled your whore I would have been able to see it somehow and been able to go away from this planet.

You know this and have been enjoying it quite offten but let me show you my prespective.

I, as far I know was born as a male of the species and as such I don’t have an active vagina and when your daughther fucks people I feel it.

Imagine my surprise and disscomfort(to put it lightly).

I’m stuck in the bag of shit’s body.

It’s fine You don’t need me you’ve got everything out liturally everything including my body which can now be used as a sex slave. Why not Kill this morornic consience.

It would be a boon for me, I can make a like where ever I am sent as long as I know where the fuck I am.

It just takes a swipe of the hand to rip my mind to pieces and I’ll be on my way to the other world.

You say “BE KIND” now I’m asking you “BE KIND, It could ease a little boy’s suffering soul”

I also get the idea that you wont suffer from sin or a trip to hell, that’s perfect i wold like to leave but NOT WITHOUT MY BODY.

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