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Will there be anything for me?

I have had no success in life or love any anything else that you can think of, this includes education, and yet I stay positive…sometimes.

I have given up mostly but there are still some pieces of me that believe in some miracle and I think that’s stupid.

It’s stupid because I know everything that comes my way will be either snatched from my hand before I even see it coming, you can see it as you have lived a thousand lifetimes and more and know exactly what will show up and what won’t.

I’m tired and very weary of my 30+ years of life and I know I won’t get much even if I did someone somewhere will come for it before it reaches my hands.

I have nothing but still, you and all your cohorts insist on scraping the barrel.

I want a clear answer from you for this question: Is this life worth fighting for and will I at least be allowed to die in peace because I don’t want to die on my knee’s and get sent to hell because it’s you four that need to be sent to hell but if I must go to avoid further lifetimes of hellish torment then I’m ready and willing but is there anything coming my way that’s worth just hanging onto for a while?

Answer this face to face or in cryptic but not in my head. Please and Thank you.

I will do one thing I’ve always wanted to, to help someone and I will do that at least one person, at least one.

#Request #Questions #wornoutsoul #Wearry #Tired #Final #Elamnites

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