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You did it…So you fix it.

I only came to learn and didn’t think too much about it. Should’ve put two and two together. My mistake.

However the king further damaging my future in favour of his rapist son instead of doing the right thing, is unacceptable at all you shouldn’t be in power you should know and be put in my place, it will happen next lifetime.

I’ll be gone after this life until another 700 million years later and then you will again be king but I’ll have another person with me to deal with all the crap you and your kind throws at us. And he’s not nice when pissed off, he will do thousands of times worse than the table device.

You robbed my opertunity to defend myself and put me in hell, that’s fine but you left that shitbag incharge and that’s not good for you or me, I’ve seen this line of future and let’s say he does what the original holder would’ve done to your son…Love it.

#Elamnites #TheRoadtoHell #thisistakingtoolong

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