Short Story: A Request!

There was an Innocent man who was caught inside an illusion that made him believe that he was home and that He was working a few jobs and had a good reputation and that he was safe and sound when he slept in his bedroom.

However little did he know his body had been turned into a woman who was just a sex slave and all she did was pop out children and provide a vagina, He had lost his body and so someone else took it and made it into another soul with some emotions.

He would continually question that nature of his ways, he was a, in his mind, good person and thus he knew that he was not at home and that his family had abandoned him to the elements and the Illuminati or the Demi-Gods if you want to call them.

He would always had to remind himself that his life will END one day and that this torment will be over then.

“Please stop this” he would say to nothingness and would always say to his tormentors and his torturers that they too would Suffer the Karma of their ways.

“If you do you can have everything, absolutely everything.” He would argue with the voice in his head but all it said was “Shut the Fuck Up.” The voice thinking it’s self all-powerful.

The voice did not comprehend that he would suffer too like his predecessor, whom he has taken power from and he had forgotten that his predecessor was also in hell and still in hell and for a very long time as well before I came along to aid him and his master.

“IF you DON’T You Will lose everything you have gained and be bootlicking to the one you hate.” he muttered this to someone else who was very manipulative and cunning.

It would come true as he had seen it and he felt kinda bad even though the one he was muttering to had previously and repeatedly had been killing him for over 700 million years and not just once but for several months at a time and when the body could not go on the murderer would simply reverse time to begin again.

It is too late for the murderer but he can still do something as there was still time for his redemption however he had chosen to disobey it and go for the bigger prize of total annihilation of the Demi-Gods and Demi-Goddesses.

Is it too late…. I’ll let you decide

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