This is appropriately named Venom, as because The entire Elamnite community is just that, snake venom and especially black mamba snake venom or even much much worse like the HALA-HALA venom that came out of Sheisha Nag during the churning of the ocean of milk.

I’m here to tell you that there is one particular person called the M family and the O family and their subjects are a bunch of assholes and just like all Elamnites they are a special kind of cunt that continually abuse sexually, verbally and physically anyone that they don’t like, or heck every human.

The Elamnites are people that have mental and magical power and they have been abusing humans like cow’s grazing grass, however, the cows take breaks but these assholes don’t even blink, they’re on 24/7/365 for the entirety of the human life and that’s not the end of it.

Humans and these Rapists don’t live and die once, they re-incarnate into another life in the future…So the rape continues.

I am a victim and I can’t see anything that happens to me and those around me are all like this, my family have abandoned me and are now have joined them.

Their King is a paedophile and he protects the vilest creature known as Manu and he is a cold-blooded murderer and has been raping since the dawn of the human race.


#Elamniteturd #Elamnites