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30 years of life….gone

I have always thought to myself that I had family including mother, father and two sisters among an vast extended family of support.

However as more time goes on and on I come to realise that Mr DM have been playig with my life with his father the snake/lynx.

I dont know how much of my 33 years and 7 months of my life i have lived but I know fro sure that the last 20 years have not been Real.

Before that since i was 3 I met Miss F A and with her the two men who have been following me till today like shadow.

All she did was, well nothing much, but she did put inside a parsite that seems to torture me on an minutly basis.

I hope this all comes back to you all.

But beofore someone rapes me tonight, and then leaves me without any sort of a clue as to what had happened.

I would like to add Mr J O and her manipulative family of lureing someone with a smile like a venusfly trap and as such I am Quite easyily seduced by things that please the EYE’s and as such I went in and agreed to her question.

And without too much thinking I got screwed like no other. I do believe tha the torment is somewhat still going strong.

Kudos at least you are dedicated on your satanic ritual’s

(call yourselves DEMI-GOD’s)

Don’t do it it’s an iunsult to those that came before.

I wonder, if you would answer this question kindly enough ( probably never but I will ask) when will I be Killed and Finnaly left to go and pass on.

In hell I get a DOG. Best of all there is’nt any of you AT ALL.

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