Beating the Dead Horse

People are still trying to convict the former LTTE memebers and supporters even to this day even though the LTTE are definetley DEAD and BURIED.

I dont understand why though.

…..okay let me open my mind.

You want to punish people for supporting a terror organisation ( One man’s Terrorist is another Man’s Freedom Fighter) and i completely understand.

However the main people from the LTTE are Dead.

I, however , do belive that Velupillai Pirabhakaran is still alive.

Even when he was alive he was a akin to a mythical figure and so it’s really hard to comprehend his death even though we’ve seen a corpse( Sri Lankan style, stripped and treated like shit).

Yes they showed a corpse, but at least they should have provided a small blood sample to the International Reps who were like vultures over the Tamil Fighters.

Even till this day they are and i hardly think he’s dead if they did kill him they would have paraded his corpse all over the country and knowing Sri Lankan authority at that time certainly would’nt have hessitated, espically Gothabaya, he would’ve jumped the gun to do the driving himself.

Even if he is alive he’s lost it all and as such should be left alone, you’ve herd them when they said that they were silencing their guns.

Let them Rest.

#LiveandLetLive #LTTE

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