Birth Right?

Birth Right?

Kinda funny isn’t?

If i remeber correctly you were living under a bridge.

The boy was looking for a family.

You made a promise but you lied to him, lured him and then took everything off him, becasue of jealousey and hatred towards someone being better than you.

Eventually he left for somewhere else and he found a famil(choosen for him to get rid off him).

But your son could’nt let that person live in peace he had to go and kill him and put that inbread parasite inside and torture him.

If that were’nt enough he had to kill everyone of his new community, and he still does to this day and you’re holding me prisoner preventing me from stopping him.

If the community dies then, well….

We’ll not speculate, they’re like seeds they WILL be reborn into this earth and this will again thrive and again fight.

Birth right?

You say to rule this country is your birth right, if were so then why were you living under a bridge for someone to come and help…Kinda sad that you’d rob them of a life of happines and prosperity and love and family.

Even now you dont seem to stop, even though i’m in captivity and cant see anything anymore including if i’m wearing clothes or where i am or what i’m eating or if anyone is stealing the food and feeding me shit.

I wonder Would it be fair to call you a leach Mr O, Mr M, Mr G, Mrs H, Miss O. I do belive that is a fitting tittle for all of your kind.

You know whats happening and refuse to stop him and are contineuing to hinder my life and progress and growth and are infact cutting my oppertunity’s when ever it comes up.

Since you’ve already saw what i’m going to write i’ll leave it at this…Guess your future,

see if you can stop him.

#Southasian #Enforceddissaperances #Censorship #Discrimination #Intimidation #Pigs #Illuminati #Elamnites

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