Caste system

As most of the world knows Indians Practice the Caste System even till this day even though there have been so many great Human’s and The special kind of people whom have tried to either change it or modify it.

I am saying this because your Elamnite kind seem to practice it against me.

If they’re white then they seem to be pulled over to the other side quite easily even without any restrictions or any question, as far as i know.

I on the other other hand, is not even allowed to keep my own skin colour and tone let alone mind and  body and dignity.

I have a parasite for a controller and my body is now lacking a a penis and it has had a few babies.

I dont see why i have to go through your discrimination, give me back my body i dont care what condition it’s in regardless weather it has a penis or not i want it back.

Just so that some rapist and manipulator and murderer seem’s to need to out do me you have suppresed me, would’nt it be fairer to to compete equally with equal stature and same starting point.

Unless you’re scared i’ll put him in the ground, i wont i like him to live thorugh this to the end i also feel that he wants me to live thorugh to the end as he is typing this.

If you think Just because i’m from the south of your country then that does not mean i’m lower or higher than you.

I’m just trying to make my life better and that of the place i hail from, you’ve taken far too much from me why not not let me keep my body and my family.

Also Stop manipulating me i’d like to think for myself for once without your children pushing ideas into me and the other parasite’s messing with me.


Please share and comment and tell your freinds about this site, it takes brian power which i dont have to come up with this.


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