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Me i get up when I’m told and i don’t like to get up when I’m told, but  i do it anyway because my father is my boss. We work in a small shop it’s always busy and people come and go every minute but luckily i only work for 3 hours per day and on Saturday i work from 9 to 3pm, it’s no so bad and off course i get Sunday off. I’m not that old if you’re wondering, I’m not a 30 or 40 something living with his parents and has no life, by the way i don’t have much of a life anyway, it sucks that’s why i’m looking for a part time course to study in my spare time or rather i’m looking for something that goes with my part-time work, since everyone is doing it i thought why not me and i mean computer courses.

Ganesha my Ganesha back to my Ganesh, he is a small statue i have on top of my modem, it’s D-Link if you’re wondering and not very fast either half the time i spend drinking tea while it loads the stuff i want from the Internet, the suff is mostly porn so i don’t think it’s any reason to complain its usually the same old with different people. My day starts with me forcefully getting up unless i’m already awake which usually happens when i have a life like dream and i mean i can feel everything like its happening right there in which case i dont like to be told to get ready i know when to get ready for a meaningless job that sucks away my self respect and soul but what choice do i have, i cant seem to find a suitable job for me in all these years it’s been 4 or so years since i left any sort of education.

When i get up i go into the toilet and do the things any human would do, you would think that but i dont do that i sit on the toilet seat and sleep for few min before brushing my teeth and have a shower or bucket wash is what i have, if you’re confused let me explain i have a basin and a small pot or pan if you like and because my shower is broken, it was a few years back i think and my parents have not replaced it yet i think i have to i don’t mind as long as i get some help with installation of the thing. And once all that is done i come back into my room with my blue towel wrapped around me and change into some presentable clothes since i’ll be behind the counter and the customers can only see my top i only make that presentable so i could wear anything i like for example i would wear a kilt or a short mini-skirt to complement my hairy legs you would think i would do that but i dont .

Once i’m all dressed up slip my feet into my old trainers, i need to replace them they are coming apart but only at the bottom and it’s not like anyone is going to see that. I come out of my room all ready for the next three hours at the shop and go downstairs and there at the table and on the table sitts my Ganesh and i tocuh his feet and say “good morning” and leave for my work.

#Boring #Brokenshower #Ganesh #Simple

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