Will Sri Lanka ever solve the ethnic crisis?

Not in the next few decades. Or in this millenia.

One should not forget that those parlimentarians who are ruling the country were those who were still there during the ethnic conflict. Those people cannot step back and see this conflict with an unbiaised perspective as they would always be trying to justify what their side have done instead of accepting their mistakes and looking for solution to prevent them to repeat.

It’ll never be solved because the Tamil’s living abroad are marrying Tamil’s back home and when that happens their spouse leaves the Country. You may say what’s that got to do with it, it has everything to do with it, let me explain bellow.

We Tamil’s are a collective that’s not unified, so that’s hard to explain but try to picture a hive with many queens and many independent minds. Anyway when one Tamil does something then the other Tamil that’s closer or hears about it feel the need to out-do them in some way. This did happen not so long ago in Sri Lanka with the formation of more than 60 armed Tamil Militant groups.

That’s fine you say, no it’s not. If there was a unified call then there would be a unified and or one or two or a few Armed groups, not 60+ calling for the Independent Tamil EELAM.

So the original topic is that when one Tamil marry a diaspora Tamil then another marry’s a Diaspora and the one leaves and then the other follows until there won’t be any one of us left to call it Tamil’s homeland, we’d have to call it former homeland.

This situation works well for the Sinhalese and they are encouraging it through intimidation and the occasional rape and detainment. “How?” well, The TID(terrorist investigation Department) arrests someone they are never or rarely seen as themselves again and sometimes they are never found and would you want that for your Son. Son’s are fine in our society they are seen as expendables in some way, but the female, well she has to go through hell because she has a Vagina if she is raped and this does happen in custody, she won’t be able to get married but this ostracising it seemed to come to an end slowly, and she is treated like an outsider.

In a society where virginity of the woman is the only currency for marriage and if she loses it then that’s game over, so that’s why many parents send them off to foreign country’s to some unknown man or woman for them to spend the rest of their life with, and then once all the youngsters are gone what or whom will ask for an ethnic solution and if this rate goes on even the old people won’t be alive in a few years, because they have been protesting about their children whom they handed over to the Army at the end of the war 11 years ago and still “nothing”, so far more than 25 of them have died since the protests have started, and if I’m unfortunately correct then they will die without knowing.

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