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I would like to say

I Only say this so that I may be keep my mind clear and regret free and also to remind myself that even if someone does screw you, you must always always remain as whom you are, regardless of the actions of the piece of shit that is them.

So old man, you have reached out to me without knowing who was pulling my strings and you won’t know who it is for another 10053 years and when you do find out it wont matter much.

Anyway I want to say that I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings I did intend to do it, and this is also an intent.

But when I was swearing at you it’s because you used the “one size fitts all” theory. Let me remind you.


The more you push The more I scream and it wont be nice to look at in front of your subjects and as such you should let me go….With MY ORGINAL BODY AND NOT A DUPLICATE FROM THE INBREAD.

I only respect people that respect me, you step on me I will screw.

So If You have tried to help, in your own weird twisted way, and i said fuck off, then I’m sorry for saying “fuck off” nothing more.

Also keep your family away from me. And the A family as well as Mr D M’s asswipes.

This is the best I can do.

Just dont show me your face again, I might go berserk again.

Also Do you think I need to apologise. if so take this as one. if not then read bellow.

I have not dpne anything to harm you lot I have only followed my dreams and The way I see it they promised me So much wealth and prosperity and a peaceful world that I am willing to kill for it to happen.

Frankly you deserve it, well it;s because you seem to go on face value you dont investigate or dig deep, if you do it wont be of mch use because the puppet master is very cunning and manipulative you wont win againt him.

#Elamnites #king

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