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Karma and her way

The pros and cons of being a retarded mindless slave.



People have fought to get and keep their God-given rights and or their Natural selection process evolutionary and Democratically given rights under law of the land.

Either way, you look at it it’s yours and my rights and if anyone infringes on them then they should be held accountable and the appropriate punishment must be meted out to him/her or them.

I think that’s why Karma exists, because you know Ramayana came before the Mahabaratha and on each of those epics of wonderous tail’s of massive proportions of Good and Evil there a continuing tale of Karma for the Protagonist who is Lord RAM on the Ramayana and Lord Krishna on the Mahabaratha.

Let me explain for those of you who are not in the know.

Well in the Ramayana The main protagonist is Ram and he is Lord Vishnu’s avatar( not the movie) and Lord Vishnu also takes another avatar as Lord Krishna in the following life.

In his life of Lord Ram, Vishnu hid behind a tree and shot an arrow at Vali, a very strong monkey king like Lord Hanuman but he was king of the Varna’s.

Although it was due to Dharma and justice was done on that day, however, like they say “The Devil is in the Detail” so because he was behind a tree and also because Vali was dueling and it’s forbidden to kill one when one is dueling or performing ritual’s or Religious tasks among others and there is a whole list but I won’t bother you with the thousand-page Book or.

Ram was the most Virtuous person that has ever lived( according to the books and Puranas, among other records) and this little murder or aiding of murder is the major black spot on his otherwise perfect record.

Lord Krishna is completely opposite and as such he had 16005 wives, this is still debated, where Lord Ram was devoted to one. Lord Krishna was a sinful and cunning person but Lord Ram did what a person of pure heart and mind and soul would do and they both are avatars of the preserver Lord Vishnu.

Lord Ram told no lies however Lord Krishna spoke in double meaning and told mostly lies.

How do these two connect, they do it’s all that you want in one life and you envision it happening it to you the next one and it does. I will not say that Ram chooses to have this life but when the times change you must adapt and the Preserver is no different.

They reap what they sow, Ram ascended when he entered a river but because he was still considered pious and whereas Lord Krishna had left the civilized world and sought to meditate in the jungles and a hunter passed by and saw his feet and assumed that he was a deer and he shot an arrow and it was fatal and when he noticed that he had hit Lord Krishna he was very sorry and all the other emotions but Lord Krishna knew of his fate as he had dished out much worse to his enemies and also this was Vali’s avatar or his second spat on his second life, but he didn’t know that. So Lord Krishna, when he was about to pass into the other realm, consoled the hinter and said that this was payback and that the debt was settled or something along those lines.

The moral of the story is if one of the Demi-Gods can’t escape Karmic actions what hope does a mortal have in escaping his actions and consequences of what they did, doing and will do. You are all here because of Karma do what is Right and do what your soul tells you to because your mind and body may wither and die but the soul is eternal.

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