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My mistake

So when i offerd to help out one Janzah i was under the impression that she was in need of help and that my tools were used to bring about her problems and as such i had a responsiblity to prevent it as it were my tools.

All the signs were there as that i was locked out of facebook and that the fucking dreams were more frequent( i now know that i can ignore the dreams) so I left the country iwas in to try to aid thic bitch.

It truns out she’s in league with them both( literally fucking them both).

So it was a trap and now you now what happend after that as you all know it better than me, me who’s not even got a clue as to where the fuck i am 99.99999% of the time.

So i would like to appologise to you cunt who initiated it and for my mind, soul and body and espically my heart “sorry i put myself through this to help an asshole, wont do it again”

“My Mistake, My appologies”

#Elamnite #Elamnites #janzah

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